Profiting with Forex

The Most Effective Tools and Techniques for Trading Currencies

John Jagerson, S. Wade Hansen

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2006, 267 pages

ISBN: 978-0-07-146465-9

Keywords: Finance

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Profiting with Forex is today's most comprehensive guide to the enormous potential of Forex, the world's largest market. This expertly written resource explains how the global foreign exchange market works; which investing tools, techniques, and strategies have been used with great success in this market; and how you can generate profits in Forex, whether the other markets are up or down.

From the basic characteristics of the Forex market to the full range of sophisticated investing methods, Profiting with Forex provides practical tips and guidelines for trading in this fast-paced world. This expert reference describes how businesses use Forex and shows how that experience can benefit both individual and institutional investors..

Profiting with Forex features:

  • A concise discussion of the mechanics and key issues in the global foreign exchange market.
  • Vital information on the advantages of the Forex market, such as ease of. entry, profit potential, and 24-hour trading.
  • Analyses of the factors that shape Forex_from inflation and the stock. market to oil prices and breaking news.
  • Descriptions of the major tools for tracking Forex changes, including. interest rates, S&P 500, and balance of trade.
  • An array of proven strategies for profitably trading Forex.
  • Guidance on making Forex trading an integral part of your overall. portfolio.
  1. Profiting with Forex
    • What Is the Forex Market?
    • The Advantages of the Forex Market
    • Mind the Gaps
    • Life Is Going to Happen
    • Diversification
    • Protect and Multiply
    • The Forex Can Be Fickle
    • The Sceptic's FAQ
    • Taking Advantage of the Forex Market
  2. Basic Lingo Lesson
    • Pip
    • Currency Pair
    • Contract (or Lot)
  3. How the Forex Market Works
  4. Genesis and Growth of the Forex Market
    • The Modern Gold Standard
    • It Has All Happened Before
    • Profiting from History
  5. Fundamental Analysis Tools
  6. The U.S. Government
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • The National Debt
    • The Fundamental Tool: TIC Data
    • Interest Rates
    • The Fundamental Tool: The Target Interest Rate
    • Using the Tools
  7. Inflation
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • Combating Inflation
    • The Fundamental Tool: The Consumer Price Index (CPI)
    • Using the Tools
  8. The U.S. Stock Market
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • The Fundamental Tool: The S&P 500 via the SPY
    • Using the Tools
  9. China
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • United States' Dependence on China
    • The Fundamental Tool: USD/CNY Exchange Rate
    • The Asian Financial Crisis of 1997
    • The Fundamental Tool: Balance of Trade
    • Using the Tools
  10. Oil
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • What Is Oil?
    • The Genesis of Big Oil
    • OPEC
    • Oil and Your Portfolio
    • The Fundamental Tool: NYMEX Crude Oil Futures
    • Using the Tools
  11. Breaking News
    • The Fundamental Factor
    • Guessing Right
    • Guessing Wrong
    • The Fundamental Tool: Technical Analysis
    • Using the Tools
  12. Seesaw of Supply and Demand
    • The Seesaw and Individual Currencies
    • The Seesaw and Currency Pairs
    • Interest Rates and the GBP/JPY
    • Conclusion
  13. Technical Analysis Tools
    • Technical Indicators
    • Technical Analysis Tool: The Moving Average
    • Technical Analysis Tool:Oscillating Indicators
    • Terms of the Trade
  14. Support, Resistance, and Fibonacci
    • Support and Resistance
    • Fibonacci
    • Using the Tools
  15. Putting It All Together — Trading Techniques
    • Trading Technique 1: The Trade
    • Trading Technique 2: Trading Economic Announcements
    • Trading Technique 3: Following Oil
    • Trading Technique 4: Following Gold
    • Trading Technique 5: Technical Divergences
    • More Trading Techniques
  16. Money Management
    • Money Management Pitfalls
    • Money Management Rules
    • Conclusion
  17. Getting Started
    • Thanks, but No Thanks
    • Profit with a Professional
    • I'm Ready to Dive In
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Fat Tails