Rich Dad, Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids — That You Can Learn Too

Robert T. Kiyosaki, Sharon L. Lechter

Publisher: Warner / Grand Central Publishing / Hachette, 2000, 243 pages

ISBN: 0-7515-3271-1

Keywords: Finance

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Explode the myth that you need to earn a high income to become rich

Challenge the belief that your house is an asset

Show parents why they can't rely on the school system to teach their kids about money

Define once and for all an asset and a liability

Teach you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial success

    • There Is A Need
  • Lessons
    1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
    2. Lesson One — The Rich Don't Work for Money
    3. Lesson Two — Why Teach Financial Literacy?
    4. Lesson Three — Mind Your Own Business
    5. Lesson Four — The History of Taxes and the Power of Corporations
    6. Lesson Five — The Rich Invent Money
    7. Lesson Six — Work to Learn — Don't Work for Money
  • Beginnings
    1. Overcoming Obstacles
    2. Getting Started
    3. Sill Want More?
    • Epilogue: College Education for $7,000


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excrement * (1 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:20 a.m.

AmWay fraud.

A book you should have read, even though it gets boring and is full of platitudes.

I mean, how else can you refute this piece of qualified bullshit, if you haven't read it?


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