The scandalous inside story of the management consulting money machine

Neil Glass (David Craig)

Publisher: Original Book Company, 2005, 312 pages

ISBN: 1-872188-06-0

Keywords: Consulting

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Who are management consultants? What power do they have? How can they charge so many millions for their services? Do they really deliver any value? Why do organisations use them?

At last, an insider takes the lid off Management Consulting and reveals how too often this vast and secretive business has become a license to siphon off almost unlimited quantities of clients' money.

  • Introduction — It's like robbing a bank, but it's legal
  1. The Money Machine
  2. The Unsubtle Art of Cost-cutting
  3. Baby Butchers — Cost-cutting Continued
  4. Reaching Consulting Heaven
  5. Delivering Value and making a Difference?
  6. The Easy Art of Selling Million Pound/Dollar/Euro Projects
  7. Some Tricks of the Trade
  8. Who Buys Consultancy?
  9. Why Clients Need Help
  10. Far Out In the Far East
  11. The Rot Sets In
  12. The Great Systems Swindle
  13. You Can't Get Any Lower
  14. Making Money Should Be 'E'-asy
  15. The End — Dis-Integration
  • Conclusion — Getting Value from Your Consultants



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Outstanding ********* (9 out of 10)

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If you really want to understand the management consulting business (warts and all), this is the book for you. It won't explain how to make a BPR assignment, but it will explain why things happens (logically, not emotionally) and why it from time-to-time may be worthwhile to use management consultants and why you always should beware if you do!

Guaranteed to change your view of the management consulting business forever. Highly recommended!


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