Road Warriors

Dreams and Nightmares Along the Information Highway

Daniel Burnstein, David Kline

Publisher: Dutton, 1995, 466 pages

ISBN: 0-525-93726-9

Keywords: Biography

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A dramatic behind-the-scenes account of the battle over America's technological & economic future. Offers a vivid, human-scale narrative of the warring personalities & strategies driving the Digital Revolution. Analyzes the real-world effects of the vast technological changes now whipping across the social & economic landscape. Takes readers on a gripping tour on perhaps the greatest business battle in history: the fight for supremacy in the new media & information markets of tomorrow. Analyzes the strategies & tactics necessary to ensure a company its place in this fast-changing competitive environment.

    • Introduction: The Utopia Paradox
  • Part One: Where the Roads Connect
    1. The Fog of War
    2. Accidental Genesis
    3. The Rabbit in the Hat
  • Part Two: A Kingdom of Riches
    1. The Internet Reconsidered
    2. Monster Experiment
    3. Reach Out and Crush Someone
    4. The Games People Play
    5. Smart TV or a PC in Drag?
    6. An Interesting Place to Go
  • Part Three: Brave New World
    1. Private Riches, Social Wealth
    2. The Global Challenge
    3. To Have and Have Not
  • Appendix A: The Interview Triptych
    • The Cowboy of Cable, John malone, CEO of TCI
    • The Titan of Telephony, Ray Smith, CEO of Bell Atlantic
    • The Government Regulator, Reed Hundt, Chair FCC
  • Appendix B: A Twenty-First Century Salon


Road Warriors

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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One of the few books about the new economy that doesn't sound like it was written by naive teenagers.


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