Service Innovation

How to go From Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services

Lance A. Bettencourt

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2010, 255 pages

ISBN: 978-0-07-171300-9

Keywords: Product Management, Business Development

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If there s one truism about the service sector, it's that businesses don't succeed by inventing a better mousetrap; they succeed by finding the best, most cost-effective way to get rid of their customers' mice.

In industries ranging from heavy machinery to health care to financial services to consumer goods, service innovation is helping businesses find new revenue streams — and enhance existing ones — by satisfying their customer's need to get things done. Few understand this better than Lance Bettencourt, a strategy adviser at Strategyn and a leading educator in management innovation consulting. And in Service Innovation, Bettencourt gives a master's class on the art and science of creating breakthrough service products.

True service innovation demands that you shift the focus away from the solution and back to the customer. To achieve this shift in your business — one that takes you from making educated guesses to building a clear model to guide service innovation — Bettencourt instructs on the finer points of how to rethink your approach to the customer's needs: how the customer defines value in a product or service.

Bettencourt mines nearly 20 years' experience in teaching and advising clients with service- and product-dominant businesses to demonstrate proven ways you can build, streamline, and focus your company's service product innovation processes. Among the numerous key ideas and practices are:

  • Insight on understanding the different types of clients you serve and how your products deliver value to them
  • Ways to design specific frameworks for discovering service innovation opportunities for new, improved, and supplementary service products
  • Practical guidance on staying focused on the "fuzzy front end" of service innovation
  • The fundamental elements of a winning service strategy

Finding new ways to help people solve problems and get things done is why there are goods and services in the first place. And in Service Innovation, Lance Bettencourt fills a vital need by delivering the essential guide that can put your business on the latest frontier of value creation."

  1. Customer Needs that Drive Service Innovation
    • How Do Service Customers Define Value?
    • How Can Services Create Value?
    • How Is a Successful Service Strategy Developed?
  2. Discover Opportunities for New Service Innovation
    • Discover Why Your Service Is Hired
    • Discover Why Your Service Might Be Hired
    • Discover Other Jobs of Customers
    • Discover Experience Jobs of Customers
    • Discover Emotional Jobs
    • Discover New and Emerging Jobs
  3. Discover Opportunities for Core Service Innovation
    • Define the Core Job
    • Map the Core Job
    • Uncover Outcomes
    • Define a Core Job across Complementary Solutions
    • Define a Core Job across Substitutes
    • Relate Outcomes to Emotional Jobs
  4. Discover Opportunities for Service Delivery Innovation
    • The Universal Job Map for Obtaining Service
    • Discover Service Delivery Innovation Opportunities
    • Interpersonal Service Encounters
  5. Discover Opportunities for Supplementary Service Innovation
    • Discover Supplementary Service Innovation Opportunities Related to the Core Job
    • Discover Supplementary Service Innovation Opportunities Related to Consumption Chain Jobs
    • Discover Supplementary Service Innovation Opportunities Related to Product Support
    • Discover Supplementary Service Innovation Opportunities Related Job Executurs
  6. Discover Opportunities for Service Delivery Innovation: The Providers Perspective
    • The Universal Job Map for Providing Service
    • The Service Provider Perspective
  7. Discover Ways to Differentiate Service Delivery
    • The Dimensions of Service Delivery
    • Discover Points of Service Delivery Differentiation
  8. Define Innovative Service Concepts
    • Develop a Service Strategy
    • Define Innovative Service Concepts
  • Conclusion: Beyond Services Innovation