Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age

Roman Pichler

Publisher: Pichler Consulting, 2016, 171 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9934992-0-3

Keywords: Product Management

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Using a wide range of proven tools and techniques, product management expert Roman Pichler explains how to create effective strategies and actionable roadmaps to help you create successful products.

Written in an engaging and no-nonsense styre, Strategize offers practicaladvice and valuable examples so that you can apply the practices directly to your products.

Comprehensive and insightful, the book will enable you to make the right strategic decisions in today's dynamic world.

  • Preface
    • The Big Picture: Vision, Strategy, Roadmap, and Backlog
    • A Brief Guide to This Book
  • Part 1: Product Strategy
    • Strategy Foundations
      • Understand What a Product Strategy Is
      • Think Big and Describe Your Vision
      • Find Out How Vision, Strategy, and Tactics Relate
      • Let the Business Strategy Guide Your Product Strategy
      • Be Clear on Your Innovation Strategy
      • Take Advantage of the Product Life Cycle Model
      • Capture Your Strategy with the Product Vision Board
      • Complement Your Strategy with a Business Model
      • Choose the Right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Your Product
      • Track the Product Performance with a Product Scorecard
      • Complement KPIs with Operational Metrics
      • Engage the Stakeholders
      • Review and Update the Product Strategy
    • Strategy Development
      • Segment the Market
      • Pick the Right Segment
      • Use Personas to Describe the Customers and Users
      • Find an Itch That's Worth Scratching
      • Clearly State the Value Your Product Creates
      • Make Your Product Stand Out
      • Eliminate Features
      • Offer a Great Customer Experience
      • Build Variants and Unbundle Your Products
      • (Re-) Position Your Products
    • Strategy Validation
      • Iteratively Test and Correct Your Strategy
      • Determine the Necessary Validation Effort
      • Involve the Right People
      • Use Data to Make Decisions
      • Turn Failure into Opportunity
      • Get Out of the Building
      • Identify the Biggest Risk
      • Choose the Right Validation Techniques
      • Directly Observe Customers and Users
      • Carry Out Problem Interviews
      • Create Minimum Viable Products
      • Build Spikes to Assess Technical Feasibility
      • Pivot, Persevere, or Stop
      • Use Agile Techniques to Manage the Validation Work
  • Part 2: Product Roadmap
    • Roadmap Foundations
      • Why You Need a Product Roadmap
      • Be Clear on the Different Types and Formats of Products Roadmaps
      • Choose the Right Roadmapping Approach
      • Understand Who Benefits from Your Roadmap
      • Involve the Stakeholders
      • Get the Relationship between the Roadmap and the Product Backlog Right
      • Avoid These Common Roadmapping Mistakes
    • Roadmap Development
      • Make Your Product Roadmap SMART
      • Take Advantage of Release Goals
      • Capture Your Roadmap with the GO Template
      • Determine the Right Release Contents
      • Get the Features on Your Roadmap Right
      • Identify the Success Factors
      • Determine the Window of Opportunity
      • Take Dependencies into Account
      • Make Your Roadmap Measurable
    • Roadmap Changes
      • Track the Progress
      • Review and Change the Roadmap
    • Portfolio Roadmaps
      • Why You Should Use a Portfolio Roadmap
      • Plan Your Portfolio with the GO Portfolio Roadmap
      • Address These Portfolio Challenges
  • Epilogue