Swedes As Others See Them 2nd Ed.

Facts, Myths or a Communication Complex?

Jean Phillips-Martinsson

Publisher: Studentlitteratur, 1991, 150 pages

ISBN: 91-44-20112-5

Keywords: Culture, International Enterprise

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How can businessmen establish the kind of relationship with foreigners that will lead to real two-way communication, genuine understanding and profitable results?

This is the essential question answered by Heab Philips-Martinsson in her penetrating, pithy and often amusing book — a book that should be required reading for everybody who works internationally. For, although it focuses on the culture, behaviour and foibles of the Swedes, the book's basic lesson is valid no matter what nationality or language is involved.

The lesson is that as a businessman in another country you are treading through a cultural jungle — and one false step could very likely alienate your contact and cost you the order.

'Swedes As Others See Them' is both enlightening and entertaining. It is the ideal primer for anyone working internationally, and for those who simple enjoy travelling abroad.

  • Foreword by H.R.H. Prince Bertil
  • Introduction
    • The Cross-Cultural Perspective
  1. Cultural Awareness Can Bring Home the Contract
    • Cultural Self-Awareness
    • Swedish National Characteristics
  2. First Impressions
    • Professional
    • Private
      • Making Contacts
      • Learning Swedish by Living
      • Punctuality
      • Eating Habits
    • Conclusion
    • Looking Back
  3. Facts and Myths about Sweden and the Swedes
    • Sweden
    • The Swedes
      • Swedes are Tall, Blond and Blue-eyed
      • Socialists
      • They Make Love (Sin) All Day Long
      • Imbibe Schnapps
      • Efficient and Honest
      • Earn Enormous Salaries
      • Bores
      • Kill Themselves
  4. Swedes As Others See Them
    • Summary of Interviews with 171 Foreign Businessmen
      • Adapting Products
      • Negotiating
      • Decision-Making
      • Personal Relations
      • Timing
      • Use of Language
      • Appearance and General Impressions
      • Rules and Regulations
      • Conclusions
  5. Cultural Differences Which Can Account for Misunderstandings
    • Language
    • Intonation
      • Curt
      • Conceited
      • Indifferent
    • Body Talk
      • Facial Expression
      • Gait
      • Posture
      • Everyday Gestures
      • Insulting Gestures
    • Eye Contact
    • Touch
    • Smell
    • Space
    • Time
    • Appearance
  6. Management Styles
    • Swedish Management Styles
    • Swedish-British Comparisons
    • US-French Comparisons
  7. Advice to Swedes
    • Adapting Yourself
    • Personal Relations
      • Keeping in Touch
      • Contacts with Subsidiaries
    • Negotiating
      • Interpreting
      • Bribing
    • Entertaining
      • Gifts
    • Taboos
    • Making Language Communicate
      • Learn the Cultural Heritage of Language
      • Making Use of Five Senses
      • Translating and Adapting Written Material
    • Selling Sweden
    • Qualifications for an International Manager
      • Women — an Untapped Resource
      • Foreigners — an Untapped Resource
    • Cross-Cultural Training
      • Secretaries, Telefax and Telephone Operators
    • Conclusions
  8. Advice to Foreigners
    • Businessmen
    • Immigrants


Swedes As Others See Them

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

Last modified: Dec. 7, 2007, 11:19 p.m.

A very funny book that is very accurate.

And it can in fact get you thinking about other cultures than the Swedish!


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