Swimming With Piranha Makes You Hungry

How to Simplify your Life and Achieve Financial Independence

Colin Turner

Publisher: Coronet, 1997, 195 pages

ISBN: 0-340-72888-4

Keywords: Finance

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Swimming With Piranha Makes You Hungry is a metaphorical must for anyone desiring to ensure their long-term security.

This unique book provides the powerful and practical advice essential for those seeking to enjoy life more, work less and have more money!

  • Learn the laws vital for financial independence
  • Discover the secrets to saving money
  • Streamline your home, work, lifestyle and health
  • Recognise new opportunities every day

Swimming With Piranha Makes You Hungry is guaranteed to improve the quality of your life

    • A Prologue
  • Part I
    1. Hook Line and Sinker
      • A New Way of Swimming
      • Financial Independence
      • Knowing When Enough Is Enough
      • The Lure of Expediency
      • What's Your Life Currently About?
      • Making a Living
      • The Working Mother
      • The Real Cost of Earning
      • The 'It's What Everyone Does' Factor
      • All That I Have I Owe to Something
    2. Why Swallow the Bait
      • The Seven Traits of Strong Swimmers
      • Principles to What You Want to Achieve
      • The Laws Required for Financial Independence
      • First Law
      • Second Law
      • Consumption
      • It Starts With You
      • Three Strokes
      • Stroke One
      • Stroke Two
      • Stroke Three
      • Rich
    3. Going Fishing On Your Own
      • Not a Top Priority
      • Futility in Striving
      • Choice of Circle: Vicious or Virtuous
    4. How Much Does Your Catch Amount To?
      • What Is Your Bottom Line?
      • The Third Law for Financial Independence
      • Keeping Count
      • Developing Your Personal Strategy
      • Simply Doing What You Long to Do
      • It's Work, Jim — But Not As We Know It
  • Part II
    1. Streamlining Your Home Tackle
      • The Fourth Law for Financial Independence
      • Strokes to Untangle Your Life-lines
      • How to Lighten the Weights That Prevent You Saving Your Money
      • Designer Deadweigths
      • Suit Yourself
      • Play Your Cards Right
      • Cash in on Cash
      • Clear the Debts
      • No List Makes You Listless
      • What's So Good About Being Credit-worthy?
      • Drive Car-fully?
      • Count on a Discount
      • Take an 'Interest'
    2. Streamlining Your Work Tackle
      • The Fifth Law for Financial Independence
      • Untangling Your Nets
      • Have You Become a Slave to 'Time Management'?
      • Organised
      • Fish Bits and Pieces
      • Where's That Number and This Pen Doesn't Work
      • The Biggest Weight of All
      • Don't Get Hooked on the System
      • Cod Rules OK
      • Are You Swallowing Your Own Bait?
      • Understanding Your Buoyancy
    3. Streamlining Your Lifestyle and Health
      • Ten Common Traits
      • Strokes for Improving Your Motion and Balance
      • First: The CATfish Rule
      • Second: Bait
      • Third: Fish Discover Water Last
      • Fourth: Start to Breathe and Relax
      • Lots of Little Effective Strokes
  • Part III
    1. Taking the River Less Travelled
      • Leaving the Rapids
      • Re-inventing Yourself
      • Good for the Sole
      • Exploring New Waters
      • Testing the Waters to Go on Your Own
      • Changing Streams Purpoisely
    2. Fishing in the Pool of Opportunity
      • Learning How to Swim
      • The Sixth Law for Financial Independence
      • 21 Tributaries to Increase Your Earning Capacity
      • Invest in YOU! and Co.
      • Your Customer
      • Your Opportunities
    3. Swimming Better with Less Strokes
      • The Seventh Law for Financial Independence
      • Charting Your Course for Financial Independence
      • Get Hooked on Your Own Chart
      • Reaching 'A Ford' in Your Life
      • Guard Your Own Reservoir
      • Reservoirs to Work and Play
      • What They Didn't Teach You in the Schools
  • The Epilogue


Swimming with Piranha makes you Hungry

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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Ha! I knew that I would find a book that was funny and relevant, but still could be used.


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