Test Your Own Aptitude 2nd Ed.

Jim Barrett, Geoff Williams

Publisher: Kogan Page, 1990, 213 pages

ISBN: 1-85091-919-4

Keywords: Personal Development

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Most people stumble into jobs without knowing either themselves or what the world offers and consequently never have the opportunity to use their full potential.

A self-help guide for everyone who wants a successful career, this book is based on solid scientific research and good psychological practice, but it is also meant to be fun.

Tests and questionnaires will show your:

  • Abilities (what you can do)
  • Personality (hidden strengths)
  • Motivation (what you want to do) and what you can become!

Lists of possible jobs are used to illustrate the various personality and motivation types, and the book ends with a complete index of over 400 careers in which aptitudes and characteristics are closely matched to relevant careers. This trait matching will enable you to determine the career which 'naturally' suits you and in which you are most likely to be successful.

  1. Taking Stock 1: Who am I?
    • Structure of abilities
    • Structure of personality
    • Structure of motivation
    • Are there some things which tests cannot measure?
  2. Abilities: What Can I Do?
    • The ability tests
    • Verbal Reasoning
    • Numerical reasoning
    • Perceptual reasoning
    • Spatial ability
    • Technical ability
    • Acuity skills
    • Analytical ability
    • Marking and interpreting the tests
    • Your abilities profile chart
    • Interpreting your ability results
  3. Personality: What Are My Hidden Strengths?
    • The personality tests
    • How to mark the test of persoanlity (the FLAG test)
    • What difference does it make to my career if I am more or less factual or sensitive?
    • Are you a calm or a lively personality?
    • Will I need to be aggressive to do well in my career?
    • Should I work by myself?
    • Looking at your total personality
    • Typical persoanlity combinations
  4. Motivation: What Do I Want to Do?
    • The motivation questionnaire
    • Interpreting your motivational results
  5. Taking Stock 2: Who I Will Become
  6. Career Index


Test Your Own Aptitude

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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Lots of self-tests.

Not really a book for reading. Rather a book for stealing aptitude tests from (that you may use when hiring people).


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