The Consultant's Big Book of Organizational Development Tools

50 Reproducible Intervention Tools and Activities to Help Solve Your Clients' Problems

Mel Silberman

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2003, 314 pages

ISBN: 0-07-140883-5

Keywords: Consulting, Organizational Development

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The Consultant's Big Book of Organizational Development Tools provides 50 ready-to-use activities and tools designed to address your clients' individual, team, and organizational performance issues. Featuring customizable resources that can be either copied or downloaded from the Web at no additional charge, this valuable collection includes:

  • Simulations
  • Team-building activities
  • Step-by-Step facilitation instructions

Left unchecked, seemingly insignificant "soft issues" can mushroom into serious, costly organization-wide disasters. Use The Consultant's Big Book of Organizational Development Tools to save both time and money as you accurately isolate and address your clients' pressing — and often undetected — team and organizational problems.

  • Part I: Leadership Development
    1. Communicating Clearly and Effectively
      Richard Whelan and Robert Merritt
    2. Managing Time Effectively
      Steve Sugar and Bob Preziosi
    3. Developing Coaching Skills
      Andrew Kimball
    4. Delegating with Style
      Carol Harvey
    5. Assimilating the New Team Leader
      Ed Betof
    6. Training Leaders for Succes
      Ed Rose and Linda Becker
    7. Giving Feedback to Leaders
      Michael Bochenek
    8. Developing New Team Managers
      Deborah Hopen
    9. Trapping the Collective Power of a Group
      Leigh Mundhenk
    10. Practicing How to Coach
      Doris Sims
  • Part II: Employee Development
    1. Getting a Quick Read on Your Training Group
      Carolyn Balling
    2.  Giving and Receiving Feedback
      Francesco Sofo
    3. Improving Listening Skills
      Kat Koppett
    4. Collaborating at On-Line Sessions and Web Conferences
      Alain Rostain
    5. Seeing through Another's Eyes
      Dave Arch
    6. Introducing Human Performance Technology
      Sivasailam Thiagarajan
    7. Linking Effort and Performance to Valued Outcomes
      John Sample
    8. Learning How to Learn
      Angela Deitch
    9. Assessing and Reinforcing Learning
      Susan Boyd
  • Part III: Team Development
    1. Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing
      Tim Osgood
    2. Building Bridges between Two Teams
      Jean Haskell
    3. Clarifying New Team Projects and Initiatives
      Stephen Hobbs
    4. Encouraging Feedback
      Mel Silberman and Freda Hansburg
    5. Forming Learning Teams
      Bonnie Jameson
    6. Sinking or Swimming Together
      Sharon Bowman
    7. Using Diversity in Team Decision Making
      Dianne Saphiere
    8. Problem Solving by Distant Teams
      Catherine Sees and Lewis Welzel Jr.
    9. Building Strengths in Virtual Teams
      Heather Robinson
    10. Sharing Information in Teams
      Don Simpson
    11. Demonstrating Team Brainpower
      Ed Rose
    12. Building Ground Rules for Successful Teamwork
      Harriette Mishkin
  • Part IV: Organization Development
    1. Building Organizational Commitment
      Cathleen Smith Hutchinson
    2. Fostering Creative Problem-Solving Skills within the Organization
      Tom Smith and David Price
    3. Managing Roadblocks to Getting Things Done
      Scott Simmerman
    4. Improving Work Design
      Leigh Mundhenk
    5. Balancing Advocacy and Inquiry
      Malcolm Burson
    6. Improving Meetings
      Edwina Harring
    7. Resolving Conflict Effectively
      Mel Silberman
    8. Communicating What You Mean
      Joan Cassidy
    9. Understanding Cultural Differences in the Organization
      Dianne Saphiere
    10. Developing Organizational Resiliency
      Mike Milstein and Annie Henry
  • Part V: Strategic Planning and Change Management
    1. Exploring Issues about Mergers
      Barbara Ferrarini
    2. Understanding Change through Other People's Eyes
      Vicki Schneider
    3. Minimizing Resistance to Change and Innovation
      Scott Simmerman
    4. Thinking Positively
      Jeanne Baer
    5. Improving the Quality of Strategic Planning
      Tom Devance
    6. Learning Patience
      Karen Lawson
    7. Introducing Planning
      Becky Mills and Chris Saeger
    8. Creating a Mission Statement
      Sivasailam Thiagarajan
    9. Determining What Changes Are Needed
      Catherine Sees and Lewis Welzel Jr.


The Consultant's Big Book of Organizational Development Tools

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

Last modified: Sept. 20, 2009, 1:38 p.m.

A big disappointment. It is only a number of play activities, to make groups of people gain insights of their own. Very run-of-mill, which everyone has been subjected to at different conferences (and which I personally always hate, as they assume we all are child-like and can't understand advanced instructions).

If this is your mettle, buy it, but don't blame me…


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