The Consultant's Tool Kit

High Impact Questionnaires, Activities, and How-To Guides for Diagnosing and Solving Client Problems

Mel Silberman

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2001, 354 pages

ISBN: 0-07-136261-4

Keywords: Consulting

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Ready-Made, High-Quality Consulting Tools That Help You Help Your Clients!

Today's busier-than-ever consultant needs intelligent tools and resources to speed up and simplify the process of working with clients. The Consultant's Tool Kit is here to help with a collection of 45 sophisticated team and organizational assessment questionnaires, team problem-solving activities, and how-to guides for diagnosing and solving client problems. Whatever the challenges facing you as a consultant — from showing your clients how to manage and lead change, to improving relationships between departments, to goal setting and planning — this book provides dozens of client-tested tools and solutions. You'll save hours of time and make your interaction with clients more effective.

Created by 45 top professionals in the consulting industry, many of the tools in this sourcebook are reproducible and can be easily downloaded from the web and customized to fit your client's needs. Included are creative approaches to guiding a client in:

  • Identifying performance problems
  • Finding the right business strategy
  • Creating effective teams
  • Involving people in decisions that affect them
  • Coaching employees through change
  • Dealing with management resistance
  • Stimulating creative thinking
  • And much more!
  • Part I: Assessment Questionnaires to Study Your Client's Needs
    1. Does Your Client's Business Strategy Make Sense?
      Gina Vega
    2. How Motivating Is Your Client's Organization?
      Dean Spitzer
    3. What Does a Team Need to Improve?
      Kevin Lohan
    4. Is It a Learning Organization?
      Michael Marquardt
    5. Does Your Client's Strategic Plan Give Them the Competitive Edge?
      Tom Devane
    6. What Makes Teams Effective?
      George Truell
    7. Why Isn't the Team Making Decisions?
      Janet Winchester-Silbaugh
    8. How Do Your Client's View Their Organization's Performance?
      Scott Parry
    9. What Needs Changing in Your Client's Organization?
      Ernest Schuttenberg
    10. What Are Your Client's Leadership Competencies?
      Joan Cassidy
    11. What Are Your Client's Coaching Strengths?
      Scott Martin
    12. Have Your Clients Updated Their Job Requirements Recently?
      Gaylord reagan
    13. Are You Making Affective Contact with Your Client?
      Hank Karp
  • Part II: How-To Guides for Solving Your Client's Problems
    1. How to Plan and Analyze Surveys
      David Chaudron
    2. How to Make Appropriate Use of Four Organizational Assessment Tools
      Cathleen Smith Hutchinson
    3. How to Coach Employees through Change
      Nancy Jackson
    4. How to Initiate and Manage Change
      Nora Carrol
    5. How to involve People in Decisions That Affect Them
      Stephen Haines
    6. How to Motivate Others
      Brooke Broadbent
    7. How to Move Your Client from Training to Performance Improvement
      Diane Gayeski
    8. How to Develop Strategic Plans Based on Strategic Vision
      Marlene Caroselli
    9. How to Identify Performance Problems in an Organization
      G. M. (Bud) Benscoter
    10. How to Increase the Value of Performance Improvement Interventions
      Warren Bobrow and Kammy Haynes
    11. How to Lead Effective Meetings
      Laura Bierema
    12. How to Conduct a Performance Analysis
      Allison Rossett
    13. How to Develop and Implement an Evaluation Strategy
      Susan Barksdale and Teri Lund
    14. How to Move a Team from Stage to Stage
      Phil Lohr and Patricia Steege
    15. How to Implement Performance Improvement
      Anne Marrelli
  • Part III: Intervention Activities to Increase Your Client's Effectiveness
    1. Probing Team Issues Before They Become Problems
      Brenda Gardner and Sharon Korth
    2. Discussing Organizational Change
      Scott Simmerman
    3. Dealing with Management Resistance
      Sharon Wagner
    4. Solving a Team Puzzle
      Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan
    5. Interpreting Personality Differences
      Karen Lawson
    6. Learning about Change
      Carol Harvey
    7. Creating a Team-Building Olympics
      Jeanne baer
    8. Stimulating Creative Thinking
      Ernest Schuttenberg
    9. Gathering and Analyzing Data
      Cindy Bentson
    10. Balancing Change and Stability
      Mike Milstein
    11. Building Coaching Success
      Andrew Kimball
    12. Making Meetings Better
      Susan Stites-Doe and Gary Briggs
    13. Practicing Coaching Skills
      Doris Sims
    14. Setting Ground Rules for Successful Teamwork
      Hariette Mishkin
    15. Exchanging Expectations
      Stephen Hobbs
    16. Enhancing Team Dialogue
      Malcolm Burson
    17. Achieving a Positive Change Climate
      Vicki Schneider


The Consultant's Tool Kit

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

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Excellent forms that you could use without being a consultant. Good value.


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