The End of Change

How Your Company can Sustain Growth and Innovation while Avoiding Change Fatigue

Peter Scott-Morgan, Erik Hoving, Henk Smit, Arnoud van der Slot

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 2001, 302 pages

ISBN: 0-07-135700-9

Keywords: Change Management

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Like a seagull in a growing storm, companies must become masterful at maximizing stability amid turbulence. Some gulls will struggle to survive. The most skillful will ride the winds, drawing on their experience and applying the techniques perfected in milder weather. These will know best how to anticipate major currents, how to spot and avoid obstacles, how to respond rapidly and vigorously to unexpected updrafts and downdrafts. The less experienced and less skillful will eventually exhaust themselves. We need to learn from seagulls.

  • Part 1: Stability Structures
    1. The Pyramid
    2. The Cube
    3. The Cylinder
    4. The Sphere
    5. Shock Absorbers
    6. Bridging and Creeping
    7. Surging
    8. Matching Schock Absorbers to Structures
    9. Your Collection of Structures
    10. Energia
    11. Drawing Maps
    12. Coco
  • Part 2: Strategy, Tactics and Operations
    1. Learning About Stabilizers
    2. Breaking Through the Thought Barrier
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. The Play's the Thing
    5. It's How You Play the Game
    6. Pattern Recognition
    7. Navigating in the Fog
    8. Different Tools, Different Toolboxes
    9. Ferrying Between Thinking and Doing
    10. Understanding the Tactical Tools
    11. How One Telecom Used the Tools
    12. Applying Tactical Tools to the Structures
    13. Focusing on the Destination
    14. Radar Screens
    15. The War Room
    16. Adapting to Stay on Course
    17. Rapid Response Capability
    18. Matching Tools to Structures
  • Part 3: Teams, Quality and Communication
    1. Collaborating for Stability Through Individualism
    2. Mirror, Mirror
    3. Managing the Marketplace
    4. I Got Rythm
    5. Matching Teams' Tools to Structures
    6. Ensuring Performance by Allowing Mistakes
    7. Tweet, Tweet
    8. Prototypes
    9. "Yes, Master"
    10. Matching Tools to Toolboxes
    11. Applying the Power of the Word
    12. If the Suit Fits…
    13. Crisis!
  • Part 4: The Bigger Picture
    1. From Structure to Structure
    2. Seagulls in a Growing Storm


The End of Change

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:25 a.m.

A good title, but the book fails to live up to it. But it is nevertheless a very interesting and unique viewpoint of change (that of ADL and its consultants) and how to handle it. Read for no other reason than to gain an insight in how management consultant attack an area like this.


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