The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide 2nd Ed.

Brian R. Ford, Eric S. Siegel, Jay M. Bornstein

Publisher: Wiley, 1993, 194 pages

ISBN: 0-471-57826-6

Keywords: Business Plan

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Now you can put the expertise of the elading professionals at Ernst & Young to work for you and your company with this complete guide to researching, writing, and presenting a winning business plan. This practical guide leads you carefully through every aspect involved in planning and development — illustrating each step with a realistic sample that shows you exactly what you'll need.

You'll get the nuts-and-bolts of formatting and design… techniques on how to tailor your plan to the various people and institutions who will review it… new information on funding and financing methods… and special provisions for restructuring and bankruptcy… and the influence of new laws and regulations.

Totally updated and revised, this Second Edition also tells you what to include as attachments to your business plan… discusses the impact of information technology on keeping your business plan up-to-date… and presents a new section on how to include buying a company in your business plan.

Clear, comprehensive and authorative, The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide, Second Edition will help you put together a winning, successful business plan.

  1. The Business Plan
  2. Who Reads the Business Plan?
  3. The Business' Legal Form
  4. Contents
  5. Executive Summary
  6. General Company Description
  7. Products and Services
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Operational Plan
  10. Management and Organization
  11. Major Milestones
  12. Structure and Capitalization
  13. Financial Plan
  14. Attachments to the Business Plan
  15. Further Considerations


The Ernst & Young Business Plan Guide

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:18 a.m.

Good explanations, but…

This book explains the business plan in sufficient detail to let you understand what is needed to create a business plan. If you're not proficient already in writing business plans, you'll need a Ernst & Young consultant to have any use of the book. Of course, then you'll probably get the book for free after having paid their fees.

In short, nice to read but absolutely not the first book on the subject to recommend to anyone.


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