The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR

Al Ries, Laura Ries

Publisher: HarperCollins, 2002, 295 pages

ISBN: 0-06-008198-8

Keywords: Marketing

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Bestselling authors and world-renowned marketing strategists Al and Laura Ries usher in the new era of public relations.

Today's major brands are born with publicity, not advertising. A closer look at the history of the most successful modern brands shows this to be true. In fact, an astonishing number of brands, including Palm, Starbucks, the Body Shop, Wal-Mart, Red Bull and Zara have been built with virtually no advertising.

Using in-depth case histories of successful PR campaigns coupled with those of unsuccessful advertising campaigns, The Fall of Advertising provides valuable ideas for marketers — all the while demonstrating why

  • advertising lacks credibility, the crucial ingredient in brand building, and how only PR can supply that credibility;
  • the big bang approach advocated by advertising people should be abandoned in favor of a slow build-up by PR;
  • advertising should only be used to maintain brands once they have been established through publicity.

Bold and accessible, The Fall of Advertising is bound to turn the world of marketing upside down.

    • Introduction
  • PART ONE: The Fall of Advertising
    1. Advertising and Car Salesmen
    2. Advertising and Art
    3. Advertising and Creativity
    4. Advertising and Awards
    5. Advertising and Awareness
    6. Advertising and Sales
    7. Advertising and the Dotcoms
    8. Advertising and Credibility
    9. The Search for Alternatives
  • PART TWO: The Rise of PR
    1. The Power of a Third Party
    2. Building a New Brand with PR
    3. Rebuilding an Old Brand with PR
    4. Establishing Your Credentials
    5. Rolling Out Your Brand
    6. Building an Educational Brand
    7. Building a Geographic Brand
    8. Building a Booze Brand
    9. The Missing Ingredient
    10. Dealing with Line Extensions
    11. Dealing with Names
  • PART THREE: A New Role for Advertising
    1. Maintaining the Brand
    2. Keeping On Course
    3. Firing On All Cylinders
  • PART FOUR: The Differences Between Advertising and PR
    1. Advertising Is the Wind. PR Is the Sun
    2. Advertising Is Spatial. PR Is Linear
    3. Advertising Uses the Big Bang. PR Uses the Slow Buildup
    4. Advertising Is Visual. PR Is Verbal
    5. Advertising Reaches Everybody. PR Reaches Somebody
    6. Advertising Is Self-Directed. PR Is Other-Directed
    7. Advertising Dies. PR Lives
    8. Advertising Is Expensive. PR Is Inexpensive
    9. Advertising Favers Line Extension. PR Favers New Brands
    10. Advertising Likes Old Names. PR Favors New Brands
    11. Advertising Is Funny. PR Is Serious
    12. Advertising Is Uncreative. PR Is Creative
    13. Advertising Is Incredible. PR Is Credible
    14. Advertising Is Brand Maintenance. PR Is Building
  • PART FIVE: Postscripts
    • P.S for Management
    • P.S for Advertising 
    • P.S for PR


The Fall of Advertising & the Rise of PR

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excrement * (1 out of 10)

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This has to be one of the most factually incorrect books that has been written. According to the authors, should have been a big success. Seriously, the Ries family should be forced to undergo mandatory drug-testing, because this is delusionary fantasies. Don't even bother opening it.


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