The Financial Times Guide to Using The Financial Pages 4th Ed.

Romesh Vaitilingam

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2001, 330 pages

ISBN: 0-273-65263-X

Keywords: Finance

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This critically acclaimed international bestseller has been brought fully up-to-date, providing the most comprehensive guide to the world of financial information.

No need to be baffled any longer by intimidating columns of numbers, impenetrable waves of jargon and the complexities of financial markets.

This revised and updated guide is an essential reference for anyone who reads, or needs to read the financial pages. It explains where and when to find the information, and how to make the best use of the financial and economic data available within the pink pages or at the clock of a button.

  • Part 1: Identifying the players
    1. Investors
      • Buying assets
      • Comparing investments
      • Using the financial pages
    2. Companies
      • Presenting figures
      • Rewarding shareholders
      • Raising finance
      • Contesting corporate control
    3. Financial institutions
      • Managing money
      • Financing industry
      • Making markets
      • Moving prices
    4. Governments
      • Balancing the budget
      • Controlling the money supply
      • Forecasting the economy
      • Regulating the markets
  • Part 2: Interpreting the markets
    1. Stocks and shares: the UK equity markets
      • The London share service
      • Issuing new securities
      • Directors' dealings
    2. Indices and aggregates: market indicators
      • FT indices
      • FTSE Actuaries share indices
    3. NYSE and Nasdaq: the US equity markets
      • US markets
      • US indices
    4. European equities: stock markets in the euro-zone and beyond
      • European equities
      • FTSE Eurotop indices
      • The changing world of European stock exchanges
    5. Other international equities: emerging stock markets and world indices
      • World stock markets
      • International equity indices
      • The FTSE All-World index series
      • International equity investing
    6. Trusts and funds: the managed money markets
      • The managed funds service
      • Investment companies
      • Insurances
      • Offshore and overseas
      • US mutual funds
      • Exchange traded funds
    7. Bonds and gilts: the international capital markets
      • Government bonds
      • Corporate bonds
    8. Cash and currency: the foreign exchange and money markets
      • The currency markets
      • The money markets
    9. Futures and options: the derivatives markets
      • The international markets for derivatives
      • Options
      • Financial futures
    10. Primary products: the commodities markets
      • London spot markets
      • Commodity futures markets
      • Metals
      • Other key commodity markets
  • Part 3: Understanding the economies
    1. UK economic indicators
      • Gross domestic product
      • Production and employment
      • Inflation
      • Money and finance
      • External trade
      • The economy and the markets
    2. The European economy: market integration and monetary union
      • The European economy
      • Launching the euro
      • Enlargement
    3. The world economy: trade, growth and international institutions
      • The world economy
      • Global economic institutions
      • Economic growth and development
      • International trade
      • Exchange rates and international finance
  • Part 4: Beyond the financial pages
    1. Company and investor lives: the key performance indicators
      (by Ken Langdon)
      • Key financial ratios
      • Key shareholder ratios
      • The life of a growth stock
    2. Finance on the internet: using electronic financial pages
      • Reading the electronic pages
    3. Sources of information: a brief guide
      • Information sources
      • Using the information
      • Reading the Financial Times
  • Appendix 1: The key ratios guide
  • Appendix 2: The key indices guide


The Financial Times Guide to Using The Financial Pages

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Decent ****** (6 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:18 a.m.

Yet another of FT's brilliant guides (but a bit anglo-saxian).


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