The Gorilla Game

An Investor's Guide to Picking Winners in High-Technology

Geoffrey A. Moore, Paul Johnson, Tom Kippola

Publisher: HarperCollins, 1998, 331 pages

ISBN: 0-88730-887-2

Keywords: Finance

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The possibilities are staggering:

  • Had you invested $10,000 in Cisco Systems back in early 1990, your investment would now b e worth $1,285,000.
  • Similarly, a $10,000 investment made in Microsoft in 1986 would be valued at more than $1,800,000 today.

How do you get in on these deals — especially if you're not a Silicon Valley insider? How do you buy the high-tech winners and avoid the losers? How do you find the Microsofts and Ciscos of tomorrow?

The answers are here, in The Gorilla Game. All you have to do is learn the rules. The Gorilla Game reveals the dynamics driving the market for high-tech stocks and outlines the forces that catapult a select number of companies to "gorilla" status — dominating the markets they serve in the way that Microsoft dominates software operating systems and Cisco dominates hardware for data networks.

Follow the rules of The Gorilla Game and you will learn how to identify and invest in the "gorilla candidates" early on — while they are still fighting for dominance in their markets and while their stock is still cheap. When the dust clears and one company clearly attains leadership in its product category, you'll reap the enormous returns that foresighted investors in high-tech companies deserve.

The Gorilla Game is the latest from bestselling author Geoffrey A. Moore, one of the world's leading consultants in high-tech marketing strategy. Here you'll find the groundbreaking ideas about technology markets that made his previous books bestsellers, combined with the work of Paul Johnson, a top Wall Street technology analyst, and Tom Kippola, a high-tech consultant and highly successful private investor. Together they have discovered and played the gorilla game and now give their readers the real rules for winning in the world of high-tech investing.

Step by step you'll learn how to spot a high-tech market that is about to undergo rapid growth and development; how to identify and spread investments across the potential gorillas within the market; and how to narrow your investments to the single, emerging leader — the gorilla — as the market matures.

Navigating the cvomplexities of high-tech investing can be extremely risky, but investors who learn to play the gorilla game can avoid many of the traps and pitfalls and instead start capitalizing on untold profits.

Personal wealth is only a gorilla game away.

  • Part One: Setting the Context
    1. The Private Investor and the High-Tech Sector
    2. How High-Tech Markets Develop
    3. Understanding Gorilla Power: The Nature of Competitive Advantage
    4. Understanding the Stock Market: The Valuation of Competitive Advantage
  • Part Two: The Rules of the Game
    1. Mapping the Terrain: The Selection Process Begins
    2. Stalking the Gorilla: In Search of Hypergrowth Markets
    3. Capturing the Gorilla: The Buying and Selling of High-Tech Stocks
  • Part Three: Case Studies
    1. Case Study 1: Oracle and the Relational Database Tornado
    2. Case Study 2: Cisco and the Network Hardware Tornado
    3. Caser Study 3: Customer Service Software — A Game in Progress
  • Part Four: Passing the Baton
    1. Tools and Processes for the Gorilla-Game Investor
    2. Investing in the Internet — The Mother of All Technologies


The Gorilla Game

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

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Describes a way to handle technological shares. I had money in a fund that followed this books prescriptions. It didn't help, it crashed and burned anyway.


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