The McKinsey Way

Using the Techniques of the World's Top Strategic Consultants to Help You and Your Business

Ethan M. Rasiel

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 1999, 185 pages

ISBN: 0-07-053448-9

Keywords: Consulting

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McKinsey is to management as cartier is to jewels. There is no consulting firm as well-known, sought after, successful, or well-guarded as McKinsey & Company. This legendary strategic think tank has trained any of the world's greatest management thinkers and business leaders.

Business gurus, such as Tom Peters, Kenichi Ohmae, and John Katzenbach developed their laser sharp logic and acumen at McKinsey . Corporate titans such as Lou Gerstner of IBM and Harvey Golub of American Express brought the strategic thinking they learned at McKinsey to run their world-class companies.

The McKinsey Way reveals McKinsey's closely guarded management techniques — tools that will help anyone at any level think like a McKinsey consultant. In these pages, former McKinsey consultant Ethan Rasiel presents powerful ways to approach and solve even the most intractable business problems — methods you can put into practice in any organization.

Drawing on his own years on McKinsey's front lines as well as extensive interviews with current and former McKinsey-ites, Rasiel takes you though a project — an "engagement" in McKinsey-speak — to illustrate how you can benefit from McKinsey's rigorously analytical management techniques on a day-to-day basis. As you enter the world of McKinsey, you will learn such inside secrets as:

  • The 80/20 rule — one of the great revealing truths of management consulting
  • "The Elevator Test" — why you'd better be able to sun up your ideas in 30 seconds or less
  • Why the problem isn't always the problem
  • Defining your hypothesis: The road map that will take you from problem to solution
  • 7 tips for successful information-gathering interviews
  • The secret of "pre-wiring" your presentation to guarantee success
  • 3 keys to composing highly effective communications
  • Handling a "liability" team member or difficult colleague
  • How to get "buy-in" throughout the organization
In The McKinsey Way, Rasiel puts you though McKinsey boot camp so you can be your own "consultant," tracking down iron-clad solutionsto tough business problems, Whether you are an executive, manager, or business owner tackling tough strategic issues, or a business professional striving to improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and profile in your own organization, The McKinsey Way offers a bold, fascinating guide to business success as practiced by the firm that defines management thinking today.
  • Part One: The McKinsey Way of Thinking About Business Problems
    1. Building the Solution
    2. Developing an Approach
    3. 80/20 and other Rules to Live By
  • Part Two: The McKinsey Way of Working to Solve Business Problems
    1. Selling a Study
    2. Assembling a Team
    3. Managing Hierarchy
    4. Doing Research
    5. Conducting Interviews
    6. Brainstorming
  • Part Three: The McKinsey Way of Selling Solutions
    1. Making Presentations
    2. Displaying Data with Charts
    3. Managing Internal Communications
    4. Working with Clients
  • Part Four: Surviving at McKinsey
    1. Find Your Own Mentor
    2. Surviving on the Road
    3. Take These Three Things with You Wherever You Go
    4. A Good Assistant Is a Lifeline
    5. Recruiting McKinsey Style
    6. If You Want a Life, Lay Down Some Rules
  • Part Five: Life After McKinsey
    1. The Most Valuable Lesson
    2. Memories of McKinsey


The McKinsey Way

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

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Brilliant book about how to be a management consultant.


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