The Vest-Pocket CEO

Decision-Making Tools for Executives

Alexander Hiam

Publisher: Prentice Hall, 1990, 468 pages

ISBN: 0-13-948209-1

Keywords: Management, Strategy, Leadership, Marketing

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Inside this ready-to-use guide, you'll find a unique collection of decision-making techniques used today by successful Fortune 500 companies — proven management ideas for resolving the many diverse business challenges facing top-level executives!

Discover tools, techniques, and procedures such as:

  • Nemoto's Ten Principles of Leadership
  • McKinsey's Strategy Failure Checklist
  • Toyota's Problem Reporting Procedure
  • Ogilvy's Sixteen Tips for TV Ads
  • Trout & Ries's Marketing Warfare Strategies
  • Drucker's Seven Sources of Product Innovation
  • Doyle's Sales Force Motivation Model
  • Bank of America's Nine Warning Signals for Detecting Financial Problems
  • Dow-Corning's Strategy Matrix
  • Pfizer's Sales Forecasting for Specific Markets
  • Vroom-Yetton's Decision Strategy Tree
  • Heeber's Seven Laws of Financial Forecasting
  • Financial Decisions
    • Altman's Z-Score Failure Forecast
    • Armco Preapproval Audit
    • Arthur Young Sustainable-Growth Analysis
    • Bank of America's Nine Warning Signals
    • Ellsworth's Financial Policy Analysis
    • Ernst Growth/Liquidity Analysis
    • Heebner's Seven Laws of Forecasting
    • Holt/CMA Q Ratio
    • Marakon Profitability Matrix
    • The V Matrix
  • Leadership Skills and Methods
    • Albrecht & Associates Leadership Matrix
    • Conference Board Management-Training Score,
    • Nemoto's Ten Principles of Leadership
    • Peters's Leadership Tools
    • Stanford Power Matrix
    • Stanford Stress Analysis
    • Vroom-Yetton Decision Strategy Tree
  • Manufacturing and Operations
    • Burroughs Quality-Assurance Analysis
    • CuSum Chart
    • Economies of Scope Process Chart
    • Garvin's Eight Dimensions of Quality
    • Ishikawa Cause-Effect Diagram
    • Journeys-Between Chart
    • Mean Chart
    • Oscar Mayer Claims Analysis
    • Price Waterhouse JIT Factory Walk-through
    • Process-Selection Factor Analysis
    • Taguchi Conformance Graph
    • Toyota Problem Reporting Procedure
  • Marketing Decisions
    • Berry's Principles of Service Marketing
    • Bibeault's Turnaround Stages
    • Combustion Engineering Competitor Analysis,
    • Cravens Marketing Strategy Matrix
    • Eaton Marketing Cummunications Audit
    • Ernst & Whinney Customer-Service Principles,
    • Ogilvy's Sixteen Tips for TV Ads
    • Ottesen's Market Map
    • Rogers's Diffusion of Innovation Model
    • Strategic Planning Institute Quality Analysis
    • Technology Marketing's Missing-Piece Analysis,
    • Temple, Barker 8c Sloane Cross-Selling Factors,
    • Trout & Reis Marketing Warfare Strategies
  • Organization and Human Resources
    • Albrecht's Organizational Politics Analysis
    • AUergan International's HR Planning
    • Graphic Performance-Rating Scale
    • Herzberg Job Enrichment Model
    • IBM Process Quality Management
    • MBO Performance Rating
    • Organization Climate Analysis
    • PepsiCo Employee Benefits Analysis
    • Traveler's Insurance Job Enrichment
    • TRW One-in-Five Method
  • Product Development & Innovation
    • Amana Product/Market Planning Matrix
    • Drucker's Seven Sources of Innovation
    • Honeywell Product Development Tactics
    • Jackson's Time Chart
    • James River Cost/Performance Matrix
    • Marriott Trade-off Analysis
    • NFO Product Analysis
    • Pearson's Five Strategies for Innovation
    • Rosenau's R&D Checklist
    • Shell Scenario Forecasting
    • Steel's Seven Misconceptions
    • Texas Instruments OST Planning System
  • Sales Management Decisions
    • Bindicator Territory Performance Analysis
    • Blake-Mouton Sales Grid
    • Delphi Sales Forecasting
    • Doyle's Sales Force Motivation Model
    • Mackay Envelope's Customer Questionnaire
    • McKinsey Customer Profitability Matrix
    • Pfizer's Sales Forecasting
    • Product/Market Certainty Matrix
    • Reilly's Law of Retail Gravitation
    • Sales Cost-Control Chart
  • Strategic Planning Decisions
    • ADL Life-Cycle Matrix
    • Boston Consulting Group Growth Share Matrix,
    • Capsugel Crisis Management Checklist
    • CitiCorp Interaction Analysis
    • Dow-Corning Strategy Matrix
    • General Electric Matrix
    • Harrigan-Porter End-Game Analysis
    • Kepner-Tregoe Driving-Force Analysis
    • Kepner-Tregoe Strategic IQ Test
    • King's Strategic-Issue Analysis
    • Loranges Divisional Planning Matrix
    • McKinsey Strategy Failure Checklist
    • Orchard Matrix of Market Attractiveness
    • Porter Value Chain Analysis
    • Potlatch Strategic Planning Guidelines
    • The Rule of Three and Four
    • World Bank Strategic-Issue Management
  • General Decision-Making Tools
    • Advantages/Disadvantages Table
    • Crawford Slip Writing
    • Decision-Tree Analysis
    • Gordon/Little Group Technique
    • Harvard Negotiation Project Rules
    • Hendon's Negotiating Tactics
    • Minimax and Maximax Tables
    • The Nominal Group Technique
    • Osborn's Brainstorming
    • Quantitative Ranking Table


The Vest-Pocket CEO

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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Nearly all the models you need, and some you definitely don't want.


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