Moving Beyond Competition and Collaboration

Harvey Robbins, Michael Finley

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 1998, 251 pages

ISBN: 0-07-053082-3

Keywords: Strategy

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TransCompetition: A new way to compete — and succeed — in the collaborative marketplace

In today's marketplace, what really work — hard-driving competitiveness or friendly collaboration? Neither, says experts Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley. In this wake-up call to the business community, the award-winning team that gave us Why Teams Don't Work outlines a groundbreaking new concept in management style called transcompetition. An innovative combination of the best tactics of combat and the new spirit of teamwork, transcompetition can help transform your business practices far more effectively than anything you are doing right now. The new business philosophy of transcompetition is grounded in ideas and strategies that can help you:

  • Understand where negative competition arises in your organization and what you can do about it — and what you can't do
  • Break the pointless cycle of slash-and-burn that vanquishes enemies without improving the bottom line
  • Reach a new level of continuous winning — one that is possible only when organizations stop their internal and external bloodletting and get on with the business of expanding markets and satisfying customers

Applying transcompetitive concepts to your business can help you understand the nature of your corporate culture and of yourself — and turn that knowledge into highly effective strategy for long-term growth without losing that important competitive edge.

  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • A World of Losers
    Cracks in the wall of a powerful theory
  • The Competitive Sandwich
    We're caught in the squeeze between good and bad
  • The Realm of Connectedness
    Things that go beyond competition
  • Not-So-Great Stuff about Collaboration
    Why "teamwork" can't solve every problem
  • The Big Vague
    The catastrophe of supercollaboration
  • The Pyrrhic Fallacy
    The unbearable cost of winning
  • The Brute Cycle in Action
    Fighting back against supercompetitors
  • Belling the Bullies
    The relative magic of exchange, encircle, and exact
  • New Ways of Winning
    Naming the transcompetitive habits
  • The Joy of Cannibalism
    And other rites of natural connection
  • Fugues and Variations
    Other factors in competitive style
  • Competition and Culture
    How it varies from people to people
  • The Mirage of the Beagle
    Supercompetition is never "Nature's way"
  • The Burgeoning Brain
    Why "rationality" doesn't work
  • Mythic Faces
    The Brute, the Trickster, the Hermit, and the Pawn
  • Assessment Tools
    Finding out what you and your organization are
  • Transcompetition in Action
    Applying the assessment information you just obtained
  • The Fruit of the Pineapple Tree
    Grafting the transcompetitive habits
  • Borrowing from Minneapolis to pay St. Paul
    Competition and teams
  • Dead Men and Headmen
    Leading a team of competers
  • Pain and Partnering
    Why intercompany teaming seldom works
  • Red Rover, Red Rover
    Linking arms with one's enemies
  • Competing with Employees
    More tales of corporate cannibalism
  • Swallowing the Hand That Feeds You
    Competing with your customers
  • The Sign of the Scorpion
    Competing with shareholders
  • Global Economic Warfare
    Competitivness between economic regions
  • The Flight of the Billionaires
    An unlikely source of transcompetitive thinking
  • The New Art of Unknowing
    Why exchange, encircle, and exact works
  • The Synedephia Story
    The future of competition
  • Pop Quiz



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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Gets you to think, even if you don't agree with everything.


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