Tribal Unity

Getting from Teams to Tribes

Em Campbell-Pretty

Publisher: Amazon Fulfillment, 2016, 118 pages

ISBN: 978-1-1537-34757-8

Keywords: Culture

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Are you ready to create a One Team culture?

Tribal Unity is a real world, practical guide, for leaders committed to making their organisation a great place to work. Based on the true story of how one inspiring leader transformed a highly toxic organisational culture, into an internationally recognised case study of success. Tribal Unity, shares proven patterns that are revolutionising they way teams of teams connect and perform.

  • Foreword by Steve Farber
  • Foreword by Gene Kim
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 — Creating Great Teams
    • Team Self-Selection
    • Team Work Practices
      • Inspect and Adapt on Cadence
      • Visualisation
      • Daily Communication
    • Launching Teams
    • Co-location
    • Distributed Teams
      • Compensation Strategies for Distributed Teams
  • Part 2 — Connecting Teams and Creating Your Tribe
    • Shared Identity
      • Team as a Product Box
    • Shared Experiences
      • Unity Hour Activities
      • The Power of Haka
      • Breakaway Day
    • Cocktail Hour
    • Create a Whole of Tribe View
    • Chapters and Guilds
    • Celebrate and Guilds
    • Tribal Kaizen
    • Accelerating Tribal Unity With a SAFEe Quick-Start
  • Part 3 — Connecting to a Leader
    • Be Part of the Change
    • Train Everyone!
    • Connect at the Gemba
    • Understand the System of Work
    • Take Responsibility for the Way the Work Works
    • Every Tribe Needs a Great Leadership Team
    • The Role of the Leadership Team is to Serve the Tribe
    • Carve Out Time for Innovation
    • Show Your Vulnerability
    • Taking the Radical Leap
  • Part 4 — Connecting to an Idea
    • Achieving Alignment With Book Clubs
    • Communicating the Vision
    • Dealing With Detractors
    • Stay True to Your Idea
  • Part 5 — Sustaining Tribal Unity
    • Quantifying Culture With the Net Promoter System
    • Record and Share Your Tribal Stories
    • Sustained Greatness Requires Discipline
    • Setting Up Successors for Success
  • Part 6 — Engaging Management in Tribal Unity
    • Tap Into Your Empathy
    • Help Your Leaders Learn
    • Shine a Light on a Bright Spot
    • Invite Your Leaders to the Gemba
    • Suggest One Small Change
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix — The Tribal Unity Checklist