Under The Radar

How Red Hat Changed the Software Business — and Took Microsoft by Surprise

Robert Young, Wendy Goldman Rohm

Publisher: Coriolis, 1999, 197 pages

ISBN: 1-57610-506-7

Keywords: Open Source, Biography

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Under The Radar is an adventure story about the surprising rise of Red Hat, Inc. and the open source movement, and how both took the software industry, including industry giant Microsoft, by surprise.

Authprs Bob Young and Wendy Goldman Rohm provide the reader with an insider's view of the investment deals and market momentum that eventually led to Red Hat's IPO and its ability to bring Linux — the open source operating system based on the Linux kernel created by Finnish computer scientist Linus Torvalds — into the mainstream.

Young and Rohm also take you into board metings that led up to Netscape's monumental decision to "open source" its Internet browser technology, following Red Hat's success n bringing "open source" software out of the underground and into the mainstream — revolutionizing the industry's traditional business models.

In the journey toward Red Hat's IPO, Young and Rohm provide fascinating fly-on-the-wall accounts of how Red Hat convinced Intel, Netscape, Compaq, Dell, Oracle, SAP and Novell to join the revolution.

Young and Rohm document the beginnings of a new industry that may dramatically change the way business is conducted in the software and computer industries in the new millennium.

  • Acknowledgments
  • Foreword
  • Timeline
  • Chapter 1 Inside The Tent
  • Chapter 2 Hotbed
  • Chapter 3 Funding A Revolution
  • Chapter 4 Dominoes
  • Chapter 5 Heresies
  • Chapter 6 The Fish Bowl
  • Chapter 7 Gods And Apostles
  • Chapter 8 Code Of Honor
  • Chapter 9 The Seeds Of New Markets
  • Chapter 10 The Genie Of Gnome
  • Chapter 11 Bake Off
  • Appendix A Understanding The IPO Process
  • Appendix B The Lazy Programmer Theorem


Under The Radar

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

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Hero worship of a guy that wants to be Billy Gates (and has to write it himself)

A book about the creation of Red Hat. Interesting for the close relatives, otherwise, skip it.


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