Working Wounded

Advice that Adds Insight to Injury

Bob Rosner

Publisher: Warner / Grand Central Publishing / Hachette, 1998, 338 pages

ISBN: 0-446-52289-9

Keywords: Personal Development

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Does your job feel like you're going up the down escalator? Does your boss remind you of Darth Vader? Is your future as dim as a 25-watt bulb? If your answers are "yes", welcome to the ranks of the Working Wounded. Here is a manual that will make you laugh while it makes you think, Its message is simple but powerful: don't moan over your battle scars. Rise above them.

  1. Shot Full of Holes: Just Trying to Survive 9 to 5
  2. Poked from All Sides: How to Cope with Your Co-Workers
  3. Pummeled from Above: How to Manage Your Boss
  4. Battered from Below: How to Survive Being a Manager
  5. Squeezed Into a Box: How to Get Ahead
  6. Struggling to Get Out: How to Break Out of Your Job and into a New One
  7. Pushed to Perform: How to Succeed in Sales (Even if You're Not in Sales)
  8. Staying Alive: How to Make Work Less Dangerous to Your Health
  9. Stuck in the Web: How to Score Points with Technology
  10. Shoved Out the Door: How to Survive a Layoff or Firing
  11. Sick and Tired and Ready to be My Own Boss: Thoughts on Being an Entrepreneur
  12. Dodging the Bullets: How to Find Safety and Meaning at Work


Working Wounded

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Very Good ******** (8 out of 10)

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