Alastair Matchett

Updated at: May 21, 2007, 2:20 a.m.

Alastair Matchett, Nonstop energy and enthusiasm.

Even the deadliest accounting subjects become lively and fun when Alastair Matchett is leading the course. In addition to financial statement analysis and leveraged valuation, Alastair teaches finance and modeling to all skill levels, from entering analysts to directors.

Alastair started his finance career at JP Morgan's London advisory unit after attending the internationally renowned Morgan Finance Program in New York. He worked on a variety of industries, including financial institutions (preparing a valuation of a billion-dollar Belgian savings bank) and oil and gas companies (working on a privatization advisory mandate for the Government of India). He also helped design and manage training for the bank. Alastair went on to manage a portfolio of private equity investments for Investors in Industry and negotiate equity financing for leveraged buyouts.

In 1997 Alastair co-founded Adkins Matchett & Toy to provide leading-edge materials and instructional services to global investment banks and financial institutions. Since then he has designed complete training programs for both analyst and associate entry classes for some of Wall Street's major investment banks.

In 2002 Alastair became CEO and principal owner of The Matchett Group, based in the UK. AMT now offers training in business skills as well as learning management services through John Matchett Limited, an affiliate of The Matchett Group.

Alastair Matchett received a 2i in Economics and Politics from Bristol University and went on to receive an MSc in Foreign Policy and Domestic Politics (his thesis was awarded a distinction). He is the author of Introduction to Accounting for Finance, 3rd ed. widely known as Wall Street's popular green book" for new analysts.

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