Financial Business Box

Your Financial Skills Toolkit

Alastair Matchett, Kathleen Adkins, Norman Toy

Publisher: Adkins, Matchet and Toy, 2000, 674 pages

ISBN: 1-891112-57-0

Keywords: Finance

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Financial Math

Introduction to Financial Math Using the HP 17B/19B Calculators

  • Designated for people who don't know financial math or who want to review it.
  • Special section on capital markets and how they work
  • Clear, realistic explanations of present value, future value, net present value, internal rate of return, terminal value, and other key concepts
  • Supplements on basic algebra and the HP calculator
  • Realistic tests check your understanding
  • Tips on avoiding common pitfalls


Introduction to Accounting for Finance

  • Learn the accounting skills you need for financial analysis
  • Learn account and ratio drivers
  • Construct and interpret:
    • Income statements
    • Balance sheets
    • Cash flow statements
    • Supplementary tables such as fixed asset analysis, depreciation, debt paydown
  • Packed with practical, realistic exercises based on real-life companies and situations
  • Special supplements on difficult concepts such as debits and credits and cash flow statements


Building Business Spreadsheets Using Excel

  • How to build business spreadsheets like a pro
  • Special intro section gets you started right if you don't know Excel
  • Problem-based learning! Build your skill by solving real-life problems
  • Contents include:
    • Common business formulas and functions
    • Date and financial math
    • Single- and multiple-sheet projections of budgets and financial statements
  • Learn Excel's best features for working accurately and efficiantly
  • Tips and checklists help you:
    • Check your work for accuracy and integrity
    • Find and solve common errors
    • Structure your spreadsheets to answer business's common "what-if" questions
  • Financial Math using the HP17B/19B calculator
  • Introduction to Accounting for Finance
  • Build Business Spreadsheets
  • Supplement for use with Introduction to Accounting for Finance


Financial Business Box

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:04 a.m.

A very good box, but be warned that two of the included titles (Accounting and Spreadsheets) are outdated, and exists in newer editions with a lot of updates. You may be better of buying the books separately.


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