Cassandra Frangos

Updated at: May 14, 2021, 12:38 a.m.

"How can I reach the C-Suite?"

Executive Leadership and Development expert Cassandra Frangos, EdD, has often heard this question from the hundreds of executives she has coached during her career as a consultant in multiple professional services firms and as the former head of global executive talent at Cisco.

In her new book, CRACK THE C-SUITE CODE, Cassandra presents a career playbook that identifies the four core paths aspiring executives can follow to reach the top team. Starting with her own experience, she also delves into the extensive research she conducted with c-suite executives of various global companies, likely c-suite candidates, and other experts in the field.

As a consultant with Spencer Stuart, Frangos focuses on collaborating with Fortune 500 leadership teams on executive assessments, succession planning, leadership development, and top team effectiveness.

Prior to joining Spencer Stuart, Cassandra was the head of global executive talent at Cisco, where she was responsible for accelerating the readiness of the talent portfolio to transform the business and culture. She also played an integral role in the 2015 succession planning for Cisco's CEO, one of the most respected and longest-tenured CEOs in the tech industry.

Cassandra earned her Doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and received a Master's Degree in Positive Organizational Development at Case Western Reserve University.

Cassandra has contributed to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, Chief Executive, NACD Directorship, HR People + Strategy, and other publications. She also speaks at many industry events on topics of executive development, succession planning, and talent innovation.

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