Crack the C-Suite Code

How Successful Leaders Make it to the Top

Cassandra Frangos

Publisher: Wharton School Publishing, 2018, 118 pages

ISBN: 97*-1-61363-084-6

Keywords: Leadership

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How can I reach the C-suite? That is the most common question Cassandra Frangos hears from the executives she coaches. Many aspire to reach the C-suite, but the typical paths to the top are hard to find and difficult to follow.

In Crack the C-Suite Code, Frangos reveals the hidden dynamics for reaching the C-suite. She identifies four core paths you can follow: The Tenured Executive, The Free Agent, The Leapfrog Leader, and The Founder.

To actively improve your chances for success, she presents:

  • Insider knowledge from current CEOs and well-known executives
  • Guiding questions that clarify the risks and rewards associated with each path
  • Accelerators and derailers that either enhance or detract from your chances to succeed
  • Advice on how to leverage your experience, leadership brand, and mindset to help you land on the c-suite short list
  • Insight on how the evolving role of the CEO affects your strategy to reach the top

Crack the C-Suite Code is a career playbook for anyone who aspires to the top spot.

  • Introduction: One Question, Four Answers
  1. Four Core Paths to the C-Suite
  2. The Tenured Executive
  3. The Free Agent
  4. The Leapfrog Leader
  5. The Founder
  6. Hybrid Paths to the C-Suite
  7. Reaching the Top Team
  • Conclusion: Four Paths, One Last Question