Peter Fingar

Updated at: July 3, 2007, 6:49 p.m.

Peter Fingar is one of the industry's noted experts in component-based electronic commerce and an internationally recognized author.

As a practitioner, Peter's systems architecture and development experience was gained in diverse industries and spans technology generations from unit-record to web object computing for the Digital Economy. He has played an active role in promoting the commercial applications of object-oriented and intelligent agent technology for competitive advantage and business transformation.

Peter is a hands-on expert in e-business transformation and the component- based, agent-oriented technologies needed to power large-scale collaboration communities and trading exchanges. He is a systems architect, writer, teacher and builder with over three decades of professional experience in the US and abroad. He is a recognized authority on business-to-business electronic commerce and an e-business architect, delivering multi-application community-commerce architectures that have Change Built-In.

Over his career he has held technical and management positions with GTE Data Services, the Arabian American Oil Company, American Software and Computer Services, King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals, and Perot Systems' Technical Resource Connection. He served as Director of Information Technology for the University of Tampa and as an object technology consultant for IBM Global Services.

Peter has written six books on computing, presented conference papers worldwide and published numerous professional articles in CIO Magazine, Component Strategies, Object Magazine, SunWorld Online, Datamation, firstMonday, Application Development Trends, E-Commerce World, Computerworld, and Montgomery Research/ Anderson Consulting's CRM Project.

Peter taught graduate and undergraduate university computing studies in the United States and Saudi Arabia. Peter is a long standing member of the IEEE Computer Society and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and assists the Object Management Group with its representation in the Middle East.

Peter has delivered keynote talks and papers to professional conferences in the USA, Austria, Canada, South Africa, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, including: Object EXPO 2000- New York, CIO Masters Series-Toronto, The 5th International Congress on Computing In Europe- Vienna, Association of Educational Data systems- Dallas, the Saudi National Computing Conference- Jeddah, PlanetIT E-Business Forum, 4th Distuributed Computing Seminar- Tokyo, the Gulf Computer Conference- Dubai, and the 2nd Saudi E-Commerce Forum- Riyadh (Building Bridges to the New Economy).

Peter's book, Enterprise E-commerce, is a seminal work immediately adopted as the basis of graduate courses at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Notre Dame and over 50 top MBA programs across the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Bud Tribble, Chief Technology Officer, Sun/Netscape Alliance, Sun Microsystems, Inc. had this to say, "My advice for the Internet generation of business and technology leaders is — Just read it!"

Leslie Lundquist, Vice President of the Research Group at CommerceNet said, "This is the best-researched book I've seen on enterprise-class electronic commerce." The book shares lessons learned from pioneering work with GE, American Express, Transamerica and Mastercard International. Of Peter's previously published works, Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems says, "A must-read for the new generation of business and technology leaders."

Peter's groundbreaking book, The Death of e, and the Birth of the Real New Economy: Business Models, Technologies and Strategies for the 21st Century, is described by Internet World as "the must-read book of the year." Dr. John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist at Xerox, stated that "The Death of e is unquestionably the birth of a new understanding of where the real new economy is headed." The book clearly explains the new business models for value chain optimization, collaborative commerce and the critical role of enabling technologies for conducting business at the network's edge: Web-services, peer-to-peer computing and intelligent agents as well as integrated Commerce Resource Platforms. Over 15 industry thought leaders contributed to the work, making it the most comprehensive analysis available, and a crisp synthesis for companies to chart their course to the digital economy.

His series of articles on the third wave of e-Commerce appear in Component Strategies magazine and examine XML, intelligent agents, enterprise architecture, inter-enterprise process engineering and e-commerce business models. Peter's research on the future of e-commerce has been featured by CommerceNet since 1998.

Peter's management style is that of a mentor, team builder and savvy strategist who values and respects the business and technical team members he coaches. He understands team performance and how to manage teams effectively. He builds learning organizations that promote loyalty, productivity, and positive change. Equally comfortable in the boardroom or the computer room, he brings a unique blend of business and technology leadership to the table.

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