Business Process Management

The Third Wave

Howard Smith, Peter Fingar

Publisher: Meghan-Kiffer, 2003, 292 pages

ISBN: 0-929652-33-9

Keywords: Strategy, Information Systems

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While the vision of process management is not new, existing theories and systems have not been able to cope with the reality of business processes — until now. This book heralds a breakthrough in process thinking that obliterates the business-IT divide, utterly transforms today's information systems and reduces the lag between management intent and execution.

  1. The Next Fifty Years
    • The Rise and Rise of Business Process Management
    • The Next Fifty Years
    • It's Inevitable
  2. A Walk Over the Hill
  3. Enterprise Business Processes
    • Something Old, Something Very New
    • Inside the World of Process Management
    • The State of Process Management
    • How Many Business Processes?
    • The Need for Process Collaboration
    • Custom Business Processes for Competitive Advantage
    • Beyond Best Practice, On to Excellence
    • The First Business Process Management Summit
    • The Surge in Demand for BPM
  4. Business Process Management
    • Why So Difficult Before?
    • Reenginering Redux
    • The Path to Execution
    • BPM Over the Years
    • From Modeling to Management
    • Taking Control, All the Way to the Customer
    • Thrid Wave BPM at Work
  5. Reengineering Reengineering
    • The Promises and problems of Reengineering
    • A Decade of Lessons Learned
    • Beyond Reengineering, On to Process Management
    • The Industrial Engineering of Third Wave Processes
    • New Rules for the Process-Managed Enterprise
    • Putting It All Together
  6. Business Process Outsourcing
    • The New Look and Feel of Outsourcing
    • Radical Change Through Business Process Outsourcing
  7. Management Theory, R.O.I. and Beyond
    • The Process of Six Sigma
    • Change Management is a Process, Too
    • Return on Process Investment
    • Management Theory Yet to Come
  8. Implementing Business Process Management
    • Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
    • Systems Thinking: The "Core" Core Competency
    • Learning to Become a Process-Managed Enterprise
    • Mastering Business Process Management
    • Getting Started
    • The Process Portfolio
    • The Critical Factor for Success
  9. Tomorrow's Interview in BPM3.0 Magazine
  • Epilogue
  1. The Language of Process
    • An Open Process-Modeling Language Standard is the Enabler
    • The Business Process Modeling Language
    • The Impetus and Design Goals of BPM
    • A Universal Process Language
    • A Rich Language for process Engineering
    • A Foundation for Collaborative Commerce
    • Tomorrow's Process Landscape
    • Putting It All Together
  2. Business Process Management Systems
    • The Process-Managed Enterprise
    • Benefits of a BPMS
    • Requirements for the BPMS
    • The Business Process Management System
    • A Process Server
    • The Integration of Applications and Processes
    • Process Management and the IT Industry
    • Crossing the Process Chasm
    • A New Era of Business Infrastructure
  3. AThe Theoretical Foundations of the Third Wave
    • Changing The Process of Change
    • A New First-Class Citizen in Computing
    • Unification of Data, Computation and Interaction
    • Process-aware Applications
  4. Lessons Learned from Early Adopters
  5. The MBA Curriculum


Business Process Management

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Mediocre **** (4 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 2:56 a.m.

First, the authors think that the IT departments usually should go where the sun doesn't shine, and I can't fault them for that. Then, they lambast BPR, and I can't fault them for that either. But they are very buzz-word happy and touts the BPML as the magic answer (SAP for example decided it wasn't). The book is worth reading, if you manage to disregard their extreme hype, but it isn't for novices.


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