Richard Stutely

Updated at: Nov. 27, 2007, 7:05 p.m.

During his professional career, Richard has gained unique insight into strategic, operational and financial planning from all angles — particulary preparing, approving and using business plans.

When he worked at HM Treasury (the British finance ministry), he dealt with business planning on the grandest scale — relating to the national economy and public expenditure controls. During this period he was also involved with world economic developments, parlimentary affairs and corporate taxation, and was a press officer presenting the then new monetary policy of the Conservative government.

Subsequently, as a member of the London Stock Exchange, and investment banker and later a general manager of an international commercial bank, he viewed business plans in connection with debt, equity and off-balance sheet funding. More recently, as managing director of multinational technology companies, he has handled business planning focused on exploiting rapid change.

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