All models that are used in all books reviewed at this site and other sites, are wrong!

They may be useful as approximations or tools to collect your thoughts, but they are all wrong.

Why? For the same reason mathematics are a flawed concept!
Case in point, I can prove that negative numbers doesn't exist in the real world. Take a bowl of fruit, add 4 apples (the bowl now contains 4 units), remove 5 apples (the bowl now contains -1 units), add 1 apple (the bowl is now empty… or does it have an apple in it?)

Another case in point. Take the number 10, divide by 3 (giving us 3.33333 in eternity). According to mathematical models, we should be able to take the result (3.3333) and multiply it by the divider (3) and get the original value (10), but we can't, as 3 times 3.3333 gives us 9.99999. Obviously the mathematical models doesn't work, but they are nice tools to make approximations.

So, by using these examples, you may challenge the people that claim that business calculations are not real or correct (usually chemical, physics or math majors).

Models should be used for their inteded purposes, namely to allow you to collect your thoughts and give you something to collect data into. After that, they are only as useful as your interpretation of their data.

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