OK, Orkut was an interesting social experiment by Google, which I participated in since the beginning. But it is a prime example on how lousy software and not enough hardware can make a site useless.

I mean, to submit a comment to a forum in there, you have to be a gambler, as there is only approx. a 10% chance that it'll work. To read something, you at least have a 50% chance that something except an error message will show up.

Let's not discuss logging in, as that has a hit rate of about 25% (yes, I've used Konqueror under Linux, Firefox under Linux and W2K, IE 6 under WXP, Mozilla and Opera under Linux, the results are the same, with our without privoxy, squid, ad-blocker, etc.).

Sigh, it seemed such a good idea, that I would even had accepted some ads, if the site only had been working most of the time. I mean, the access is worse than Torget was in its first week of existence in 1996!

I'll abandon the site (as most of the people seems to have done already) and hope it will die a graceful death instead of the current lingering death-throes. Anyway, it makes me sad...

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