After nearly fourteen years, I decided to change my workplace from TietoEVRY (and their two previous names: TietoEnator and Tieto) and walk over to the Canadian Outsourcerer and Consultant company CGI!

I had interesting years at TietoEVRY, where I learnt a lot about both the Finns and the Czech personalities (and consider that I am married to a Finnish girl!). Unfortunately, the last years I had to endure the constant whining that I was over-qualified for my work, but nothing new was ever proposed (except by me of course), so I decided to move.

I'll miss a lot of very good people that I worked with and for in the company, but I realized also that a lot of people I enjoyed had left the company (retired, changed work, fired, etc), so I was feeling a bit lonely, but there are still good people at the company. It is a bit sad to leave a workplace where you have spent 14 years, but it is also interesting to find new perspectives, new relations and new ways of working, and everything I see today at CGI shows that I choose the right company to find these attributes.

As an added bonus, I've found a lot of old TietoEVRY friends are now employed by CGI, so I have an introductory network I can discuss the transition with. 

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