Well, life is sometimes interesting. I got contacted about two years ago, by a woman that suspected that we were siblings (half). We started a conversation, did some gene testing (through MyHeritage) and confirmed that I was her elder half-brother (on our fathers side) by two months! Of course, the Swedish courts had already pronounced that in 1963, but we were not aware of each other.

Due to the Covid-pandemic, it took us until August this year to meet in person, and she was a very enjoyable person (and we had some common personality traits, which I will not disclose).

So welcome Anneli Martensen to the Buresund family. I now have two half-sisters, who are not related at all (one on my mothers side, and one on my fathers side). Both Anneli and I suspect that there may be more half-siblings out there, due to our common story (we're both born out of wedlock). 

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