Bottom-Up Marketing

Al Ries, Jack Trout

Publisher: Plume, 1990, 226 pages

ISBN: 0-452-26418-9

Keywords: Marketing

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Can Coke beat the Pepsi challenge? Can Burger King grill McDonald's and grab the fast-food market? Can GM win back its luxury-car losses from Ford's Lincoln? America's top marketing experts, Al Reis and Jack Trout, say yes they can — but they must be willing to take traditional theories of long-term strategic planning, mission statements, goals, and annual budgets and dump them. Ries and Trout's revolutionary marketing theory turns this conventional wisdom upside down. Instead they say that in today's competitive, fast-changing business environment a company should find a tactic that works and then build it into a strategy. That kind of bottom-up approach is what worked for Domino's Pizza, Federal Express, Little Caesar's and Microsoft. Daring, challenging, and effective, Bottom-Up Marketing provides step-by-step instructions for marketing success — the kind you can put in the bank:

  • Going down to the front — into the minds of customers and prospects
  • Monitoring trends — keep your tactics in tune with the future
  • Narrowing your focus — the key method of developing an effective tactic
  • Building your tactic into a powerful strategy — directing your organization's entire resources to exploit the tactic
  • Selling your strategy to top management — keep it simple and present no alternatives
  • Launching your program — bottom-up for planning, top-down for execution
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. Tactics dictate strategies
  • Chapter 2. Going down to the front
  • Chapter 3. Monitoring the trends
  • Chapter 4. Narrowing your focus
  • Chapter 5. Finding your tactics
  • Chapter 6. Finding a tactic to fight drug abuse
  • Chapter 7. Building your strategy
  • Chapter 8. Building a strategy for Avon
  • Chapter 9. Making the changes
  • Chapter 10. Shifting the battlefield
  • Chapter 11. Shifting the battlefield at GM
  • Chapter 12. Testing your strategy
  • Chapter 13. Selling your strategy
  • Chapter 14. Getting the resources
  • Chapter 15. Calling in the outsider
  • Chapter 16. Launching your program
  • Chapter 17. Keeping things on track
  • Chapter 18. Sensing your success
  • Chapter 19. Pouring it on
  • Chapter 20. Cutting your losses
  • Chapter 21. Playing the game


Bottom-Up Marketing

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Good ******* (7 out of 10)

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Two good authors churn out another good book, even if it could have been a little bit more convincing in the details. But what do you expect from marketeers?


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