Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics 2nd Ed.

Marco Meier, Werner Sinzig, Peter Mertens

Publisher: Springer-Verlag, 2005, 219 pages

ISBN: 3-540-22806-3

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning

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In order to make strategy happen there is a need for powerful management information systems. SAP focuses on the application of modern business administration concepts, e.g. Value Based Management, the Balanced Scorecard, the Management Cockpit or flexible planning methods.

The book describes the methodology and implementation of a powerful tool for enterprise management. Practical examples show how SAP Strategic Enterprise Management/Business Analytics (SAP SEM/BA) can help to improve cross functional planning, reporting and analyzing. SAP SEM/BA is a leading edge IT-solution for top management and related departments in large enterprises and groups. It demonstrates the state of the art of modern management information and decision support systems.

  1. Current Problems and Requirements
    1. Current Problems
    2. Requirements
  2. Business Management Background
    1. Tasks of Strategic and Operational Enterprise Management
      1. Environment and Enterprise Analysis
      2. Strategy Formulation
      3. Operationalization of Strategies
      4. Strategy Execution
      5. Operational Performance Measurement
      6. Strategic Feedback
      7. Communication with Stakeholders
    2. Value-Based Management
    3. Stakeholder Approach
    4. Customer Relationship Management
    5. Risk Management
  3. Business Management Instruments
    1. Intruments for Strategic Enterprise Management
      1. Enterprise and Competition Analysis
      2. Benchmarking
      3. Early Warning Systems
      4. Scenario Analysis
      5. Portfolio Analysis
      6. Balanced Scorecard
    2. Intruments for Operational Enterprise Management
      1. Target Costing
      2. Contribution Margin Accounting
      3. Break-even Analysis
      4. ABC Analysis
      5. RFM Analysis
    3. Instruments for Combined Strategic and Operational Enterprise Management
      1. Activity-Based Costing
      2. Forecasting Methods
      3. Simulation
      4. Consolidation
      5. Lifecycle Analysis
  4. Information Technology Instruments
    1. Data Warehouse (Information Warehouse)
    2. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
    3. Business Intelligence
    4. Analytical Application Systems
    5. Internet
    6. Personalized Enterprise Portals
  5. Components of the SAP Solution
    1. General Overview
    2. Strategic Enterprise Management
      1. SEM Business Planning and Simulation (SEM-BPS)
        1. General Aspects of Implementation
        2. Integrated Planning Applications
        3. Modeling Planning Structures
        4. Generic Planning Functions
        5. User Interfaces for Planning
        6. Organization and Coordination of Planning
      2. SEM Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS)
        1. Modeling Consolidation Structures
        2. Collecting and Preparing Reported Financial Data
        3. Consolidation of the Financial Data
        4. Consolidation Reports
      3. SEM Corporate Performance Monitor (SEM-CPM)
        1. Balanced Scorecard
        2. Value Driver Management
        3. Risk Management
        4. Measure Builder
        5. Management Cockpit
      4. SEM Stakeholder Relationship Management (SEM-SRM)
        1. Stakeholder Contract Management
        2. Stakeholder Portal
        3. Stakeholder Communication System
        4. Document Management
        5. Stakeholder Analysis
      5. Business Information Collection (SEM-BIC)
        1. Information Request Builder
        2. Source Profile Builder
        3. Editorial Workbench
    3. Business Analytics
      1. Financial Analytics
      2. Customer Relationship Analytics
      3. Supply Chain Analytics
      4. Product Lifecycle Analytics
      5. Human Resources Analytics
  6. Case Studies
    1. Empresas Polar
    2. Henkel Surface  Technologies
    3. Norwegian Defense
    4. Siemens
  7. Conclusion
    1. Interview with David P. Norton
    2. Summary and Outlook


Enterprise Management with SAP SEM™/Business Analytics

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excrement * (1 out of 10)

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This just goes to show that I am a sucker! I actually paid for this book! If SAP had given it to me as a marketing ploy, I could have seen some value of descriptions of different modules in SAP and correlation with certain management theories (like BSC, Stakeholder theory etc.). But as a book by some professors in Waldorf, this sucks big time and I would be ashamed to recommend anyone to read this marketing drivel, as it exhibits the usual promotional material creativity from an engineering company (aka none!).

Ask for a refund if you buy this book, and ask the SAP sales rep for it instead!


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