Marketing Warfare

Al Ries, Jack Trout

Publisher: Plume, 1986, 217 pages

ISBN: 0-452-25861-8

Keywords: Marketing

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Two top advertising and marketing professionals unveil a revolutionary approach to marketing in today's competitive environment. In the marketplace, victory is assured only to those companies that are willing to wage war to win the ultimate prize: the hearts and minds of the consumers. By applying winning military strategies to marketing situations, the authors draw persuasive battle plans to illustrate that the true nature of successful marketing is outwitting, outflaning and outfighting your competitors. Filled with fascinating insights and authorative advice — and drawing on case histories of the cola, computer, burger and beer wars — this provocative and entertaining book clearly outlines the tactics that can mean triumph for your company.

  • Introduction: Marketing is war
  • Chapter 1. 2500 years of war
  • Chapter 2. The principle of force
  • Chapter 3. The superiority of the defense
  • Chapter 4. The new era of competition
  • Chapter 5. The nature of the battleground
  • Chapter 6. The strategic square
  • Chapter 7. Principles of defensive warfare
  • Chapter 8. Principles of offensive warfare
  • Chapter 9. Principles of flanking warfare
  • Chapter 10. Principles of guerrilla warfare
  • Chapter 11. The cola war
  • Chapter 12. The beer war
  • Chapter 13. The burger war
  • Chapter 14. The computer war
  • Chapter 15. Strategy and tactics
  • Chapter 16. The marketing general


Marketing Warfare

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

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You really must read this. A seminal work.


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