One to One Fieldbook

The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1to1 Marketing Program

Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Bob Dorf

Publisher: Capstone, 2000, 405 pages

ISBN: 1-900961-87-3

Keywords: Marketing, CRM

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A practical guide to implementing the one-to-one marketing principles that Don Peppers and Martha Rogers have made famous throughout corporate America in their bestselling books The One to One Future and Enterprise One to One.

Every day, all around the world, managers worry about the declining loyalty of their customers. Customers are being wooed ever more feverishly by competitors offering better prices, better deals — a process that has dramatically accelerated with the growth of the Internet. As information about customers becomes more plentiful and detailed, and as customers themselves become more interactive with the companies they buy from, business success hinges increasingly on creating long-term, profitable, "one-to-one" customer relationships.

One-to-one marketing is nothing short of a revolution. Dell, Cisco, FedEx, Owens Corning, American Express,, Hewlett-Packard, and BellSouth, among others, have built their success on enhancing customer knowledge and interaction.

Yet managers and executives today find themselves wrestling with the issue of how to become a part of this revolution.

That's why one-to-one marketing pioneers Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, and Bob Dorf wrote this book.

The One to One Fieldbook is the first hands-on manual for implementing customer relationship management programs, featuring step-by-step guidance on how to initiate, evaluate, and upgrade one-to-one initiatives.

Among the topics covered in the book: how to determine whether you're ready to undertake a one-to-one program, how to evaluate what different customers are worth to your business, and how to customizeyour products or services. It includes chapters on gathering customer information, on how to measure results, on how to use the power of the World Wide Web—and much more. Each chapter features checklists of things to do, activities to enhance one-to-one skills, and questionnaires to evaluate your progress.

A complete toolkit for companies implementing customer relationship programs, The One to One Fieldbook will help you identify your best customers, keep them longer, and grow them bigger — so that you can compete more successfully in the Interactive Age.

  • Introduction
    • Chapter One: One-to-One Marketing: What It's All About
      The Four Implementation Steps of a 1to1 Marketing Program
    • Chapter Two: Quick Start
      How To Get Immediate Results With One-to-One Marketing
  • Design
    • Chapter Three: Identify Your Customers
      How To Obtain More Individual Information About a Greater Number of Your Customers
    • Chapter Four: Differentiate Your Customers
      How To Understand What Different Customers Are Worth To You and What They Need From You
    • Chapter Five: Interact With Your Customers
      How To Generate More Customer Feedback Less Expensively
    • Chapter SIx: Customize Your Product or Service
      How To Do Exactly What Your Customer Wants
  • Build
    • Chapter Seven: The One-on-One Gap Analysis
      Perform Your Own "Gap Analysis" and See How Far You Have To Go
    • Chapter Eight: Information Systems
      IT: Ever-Faster Rates of Change Offer Pitfalls and Opportunities
    • Chapter Nine: Infrastructure
      How To Hire, Train, Organize, and Compensate In a One-to-One Enterprise
  • Manage
    • Chapter Ten: Channel Management
      Evaluating Channel Members in the One-to-One Organization
    • Chapter Eleven: The One-to-One Sales Organization
      New Directions for Sales in the 1to1 Enterprise
    • Chapter Twelve: The One-to-One Call Center
      How To Use the Call Center to Help Your 1to1 Enterprise
    • Chapter Thirteen: The One-to-One Web Site
      Capitalizing on the Power of the World Wide Web
    • Chapter Fourteen: Advertising and Marketing Communications for the One-to-One Enterprise
      How To Use Traditional Mass Media to Generate Better Customer Relationships
    • Chapter Fifteen: Next Steps
      Where To Go From Here
  • Appendix: The One-to-One Nonprofit
    How To Strengthen Relationships with Members, Donors, Students, Patients, and Citizens


One to One Fieldbook

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

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A very practical book if you're into CRM (and who can afford to not be into it?). As always, very well written by Peppers and Rogers (and Dorf).


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