Operating Model Canvas

Aligning operations and organization with strategy

Andrew Campbell, Mikel GutiƩrrez, Mark Lancelott

Publisher: Van Haren, 2017, 210 pages

ISBN: 978-94-018-0071-6

Keywords: Strategy, Operations

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The journey from strategy to operating success depends on creating an organization that can deliver the chosen strategy. This book, explaining the Operating Model Canvas, show you how to do this. It teaches you how to define the main work-processes, choose an organization structure, develop a high-level blueprint of the IT-systems, decide where to locate and how to lay out floor plans, set up relationships with suppliers and design a management system and scorecard with which to run the new organization. The Operating Model Canvas helps you to create a target operating model aligned to your strategy.

The book contains more than 20 examples ranging from large multi-nationals to government departments to small charities and from an operating model for a business to an operating model for a department of five people. The book describes more than 15 tools, including new tools such as the value chain map, the organization model and the high-level IT blueprint. Most importantly, the book contains two fully worked examples showing how the tools can be used to develop a new operating model.

This book should be on the desk of every strategist, every leader of transformation, every functional business partner, every business or enterprise architect, every Lean expert or business improvement champion, in fact everyone who wants to help their organization be successful.

  1. Operating Model Canvas
    • Business model canvas
    • Transformation
    • Design steps
    • Tips
  2. Operating Model Canvas — Examples
    • POLISM
    • How to use the Canvas
    • Business examples
      • Uber
      • Zara
      • McKinsey & Company
      • Van Haren Publishing
      • Asset finance company
      • Snapfish
    • Functional examples
      • IT
      • HR
    • Multi-business examples
      • Shell
      • Ashridge Executive Education
      • Corporate office
    • Public sector examples
      • Qualifications regulator
      • Benefits department
    • Other examples
      • DEF CON
      • Cardboard Citizens
      • The Strategic Management Centre
  3. The operating model toolbox
    • Five core tools
      • Value chain map
      • Organization model
      • Locations footprint
      • IT blueprint
      • Supplier matrix
    • Thirteen additional tools
      • Stakeholder map
      • People model
      • Decision grid
      • Process owner grid
      • Management calendar
      • Scorecard
      • Capability diagram
      • Logic diagram
      • Activity system
      • Customer journey
      • SIPOC
      • Ross model
      • Globalisation grid
      • Business architecture
    • Assessing the operating model
  4. Creating a target or 'to be' operating model for a business
    • The industry and company
    • Strategy and challenges
    • Design principles and 'as is' Canvas
    • Steps for designing the 'to be' operating model
      • Draw process
      • Analyze process
      • Organization chart
      • Analyze organization chart
      • Locations and assets
      • Decision rights
      • Process ownership and information
      • Supplier matrix
      • Revisit locations and assets
      • Scorecards and management system
    • EEI succeeded
  5. Creating a target operating model for a function
    • IT in EEI
    • Steps to develop an operating model for IT
      • Value chain map
      • Suppliers matrix
      • Locations
      • Organization chart
      • Decision rights
      • Revisit locations & assets
      • Management systems
    • Some thoughts for IT experts
  6. Examples of operating model change
    • Improving the change management function
    • Addressing complexity in a shared sales force
    • Speeding up a design function
    • Remodeling an HR function
    • Changing the operating model for unemployment benefits