Positioning 2nd Ed.

The Battle for Your Mind

Al Ries, Jack Trout

Publisher: Warner / Grand Central Publishing / Hachette, 1986, 213 pages

ISBN: 0-446-34794-9

Keywords: Marketing

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The concept that sparked a revolution in advertising is the principle that can revolutionize your life. With it, you can beat the competition and win the battle for recognition in an overcrowded, media-blitzed marketplace. You can position anything: product, politician, country, company, career. This is the book that shows you:

  • How to use Madison Avenue techniques to win the war for your prospects mind
  • How to find and use the competition's weakest link and build your strategy around it
  • How to reposition a strong competitor and create a weak spot
  • How to use your present position to its best advantage
  • How and how not to choose a name for your product
  • Why — and when — less is more
  • How recent trends affect your positioning
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1. What Positioning Is All About
  • Chapter 2. The Assault on the Mind
  • Chapter 3. Getting Into the Mind
  • Chapter 4. Those Little Ladders in Your Head
  • Chapter 5. You Can't Get There from Here
  • Chapter 6. Positioning of a Leader
  • Chapter 7. Positioning of a Follower
  • Chapter 8. Repositioning the Competition
  • Chapter 9. The Power of the Name
  • Chapter 10. The No-Name Trap
  • Chapter 11. The Free-Ride Trap
  • Chapter 12. The Line-Extension Trap
  • Chapter 13. When Line Extension Can Work
  • Chapter 14. Positioning a Company: Xerox
  • Chapter 15. Positioning a Country: Belgium
  • Chapter 16.  Positioning an Island: Jamaica
  • Chapter 17. Positioning a Product: Milk Duds
  • Chapter 18. Positioning a Service: Mailgram
  • Chapter 19.Positioning a Long Island Bank
  • Chapter 20. Positioning a New Jersey Bank
  • Chapter 21. Positioning a Ski Resort: Stowe
  • Chapter 22. Positioning the Catholic Church
  • Chapter 23. Positioning Yourself and Your Career
  • Chapter 24. Positioning Your Business
  • Chapter 25. Playing the Positioning Game



Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Excellent ********** (10 out of 10)

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Mandatory reading. If you don't read and understands this, you don't have anything to do in the business world.


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