SAP™ R/3 Implementation Guide

A Manager's Guide to Understanding SAP

Anthony F. Kelly, Bradley D. Hiquet

Publisher: MacMillan, 1998, 479 pages

ISBN: 1-57870-063-9

Keywords: Enterprise Resource Planning

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In just a few short years, SAP has exploded onto the business and computing landscape and become a dominant force in enterprise-wide computing at thousands of corporations, from Fortune 500 to much smaller startups. Written by a team of industry-leading experts, this authoritive resource guides managers through the implementation of this powerful system and provides a checklist of things a company should consider when successfully implementing SAP.

This book provides a real-life perspective that can help you avoid common pitfalls when implementing SAP. It shows you how SAP will impact your business and, more specifically, your customers, material suppliers, and distributors. It explains why many SAP projects fail or run over budget and time. Managers will gain a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of SAP and become proficient with all its intricacies.

You will follow an electronics company through the entire implementation process, looking at the decisions that were made during the procedure and the effects — good and bad — SAP had on the organization. A detailed explanation of the new ASAP Fast Track Implementation process is also included. Insightful commentary and expert advice allow you to gain mastery of this dynamic system and provide invaluable information that can be used for your business.

  • I SAP Overview
    1. The World Before SAP
    2. Implementing SAP
    3. SAP Target Markets
    4. Description of the SAP R/3 Software
    5. Getting Started in SAP R/3
    6. Data Types in SAP R/3
    7. Meet Electro Tech, Incorporated
  • II The Customer Service Desk
    1. A Day-in-the-life of the Customer Service Desk
    2. Making the Move from Customer Service Past to SAP R/3
    3. Sales and Distribution Functionality with SAP R/3
    4. Customer Service Desk with SAP R/3
  • III Production Planning and Execution
    1. A Day-in-the-life of Production Planning and Execution
    2. Making the Move from Production Planning Pst to SAP R/3
    3. Production Planning and Execution Functionality with SAP R/3
    4. Production Planning and Execution with SAP R/3
  • IV Purchasing and Goods Receipt
    1. A Day-in-the-life of Purchasing and Goods Receipt
    2. Making the Move from Purchasing Past to SAP R/3
    3. Purchasing Functionality with SAP R/3
    4. Purchasing Department with SAP R/3
  • V Financial and Other Metrics
    1. A Day-in-the-life of the Accounting Department
    2. Making the Move from Accounting Past to SAP R/3
    3. Finance and Reporting Functionality with SAP R/3
    4. Accounting Department with SAP R/3
    5. Electro Tech with SAP R/3
    6. SAP Successes


SAP™ R/3 Implementation Guide

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

Disappointing *** (3 out of 10)

Last modified: May 21, 2007, 3:23 a.m.

Starts of as promised, but very soon gets technical, with details a manager definitely don't want.


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