The Independent Board Director

Selecting and Using the Best Non-Executive Directors to Benefit Your Business

David Clutterbuck, Peter Waine

Publisher: McGraw-Hill, 1994

ISBN: 0-07-707801-2

Keywords: Board of Directors

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  1. So What Is a Non-Executive Director?
    • What Do We Mean by 'Independent'?
    • The Independent Director and the Shareholders
    • What Are Independent Directors for?
    • Why Do Companies Need Independent Directors?
    • Summary
    • References
  2. Who Are These Independent Directors and What Do They Do?
    • What Does an Effective Independent Director Do?
    • Who Are These Independent Directors?
    • The Ideal Independent Director
    • Special Situations
    • Summary
    • References
  3. Why Do People Become Independent Directors
    • Why Do Talented Managers Become Independent Directors?
    • Why Suitable Candidates Do Not Become Independent Directors
    • What Background and Knowledge Should an Independent Director Bring?
    • Measuring the Independent Director's Contribution
    • Summary
    • References
  4. How Can Independent Directors Contribute More?
    • Inducting the Independent Director
    • What Can the Company Do To Train Independent Directors?
    • Measuring Effectiveness
    • The Board Meeting
    • How Independent Directors Could Contribute More at Board Meetings
    • Outside the Boardroom
    • Summary
    • References
  5. What Are the Legal Responsibilities, and What Contract Should an Independent Director Sign?
    • The Legal Responsibilities
    • The Contract
    • Summary
    • References
  6. Choosing and Using Independent Directors
    • Defining the Role: What Precisely Do You Want the Independent Director To Do?
    • Researching and Selecting Candidates
    • Making the Approach
    • Who Should Choose the New Independent Director?
    • Summary
    • References
  7. How To Become an Independent Director and When To Stop
    • How To Become an Independent Director
    • When the Independent Director Should Resign
    • Summary
    • In Conclusion
    • References
  8. Appendix 1: More Legal Background
  9. Appendix 2: A Recommeded Letter of Engagement
  10. Appendix 3: The Survey


The Independent Board Director

Reviewed by Roland Buresund

OK ***** (5 out of 10)

Last modified: March 30, 2009, 12:07 a.m.

Debates the difference between Executive or Managing Director and Independent Director. A bit too anglo-saxon, but it is well written.


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