Adkins, Matchet and Toy

Updated at: March 11, 2024, 7:16 a.m.

Adkins, Matchett & Toy is a leading provider of instructor-led classroom training in accounting for the financial services industry. The company's client list includes many of the world's leading investment banks, major commercial and retail banks, investment banking boutique firms, and Fortune 100 companies with financial analysis needs. The company trains new hires, provides continuing education classes for current employees, supplies self-study guides in basic skills, and consults for designing or improving internal training programs. Its principals combine more than 50 years' experience working and instructing on Wall Street, in London and New York, and around the world. Their teaching focuses on practical applications, not academic theory, and demonstrates a depth of subject matter knowledge and an engaging, effective classroom style.

Adkins, Matchett & Toy was acquired by Training The Street in 2022.

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