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The Movies which has touched me the most

Well, I started thinking about which movies have influenced me personally the most. I started with the intention of creating a top-five list, but couldn't limit me to five, so I added another seven as honorable mentions .

New sister!

Well, life is sometimes interesting. I got contacted about two years ago, by a woman that suspected that we were siblings (half). We started a conversation, did some gene testing (through MyHeritage) and confirmed that I was her elder half-brother (on our fathers side) by two months! Of course, the Swedish courts had already pronounced that in 1963, but we were not aware of each other.

Bye bye TietoEVRY and welcome CGI!

After nearly fourteen years, I decided to change my workplace from TietoEVRY (and their two previous names: TietoEnator and Tieto) and walk over to the Canadian Outsourcerer and Consultant company CGI!

Differences Between Programmers

The difference between a great programmer and a person who thinks him-/herself a great programmer:

Playing with PyLucid and Bitching About Plone

After being extremely frustrated with trying to follow instructions and get tinyMCE working with the Django-CMS (equivalent to Plone's kupu-integration), I decided to call it quits for now. Maybe Django-CMS is the best thing since sliced bread, but if I can't get something basic like this to work, then it has to mature a bit more.