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Experimenting with Django-CMS...

... and understanding why I like Plone so much (even if I sometimes find it inexplicable). Install Zope, install Plone, add a plone site in zope and voila, you have a working site, including a number of advanced types and JavaScript integration and editing. And all this without even having to edit a number of config-files and understand why the examples doesn't work or hacking the HTTP-server to death or struggling to understand why you need something for development and something else for production.

MS IE Works Again (sorta...)

Well, all it took was updating a Plone-component (qPloneTabs) to make it IE7 compatible (which affected some IE6 as well). There are still some design issues when using the MS IE, that are not present in Konqueror, Safari or Firefox usage, which I'll look into as soon as I have some spare time, but at least it work now (if not, please contact me directly).

Internet Explorer Problems!

It has been brought to my attention that certain versions of MS Internet Explorer can't view my pages. Unfortunately, the version I have access to, manage it, but it has been proven to be a problem. Investigations are on-going on the root-cause and what to do about it.

Amazon Linkage Working Again!

Thanks to the switch from pyAmazon to pyAWS, I managed to get the links to Amazon.com working again (and the nice book images). As an added extra, if the book is not found in amazon.com, I double check if it is present in amazon.co.uk (where I also buys books from), so when you see prices, check if it is a Pound sign (£) or a Dollar sign ($) before the amount.

Non-affordable Customers...

For a service-company, like an un-named Outsourcing company, it is, in my opinion, paramount that the service-company and the customer stops treating each other as supplier-customer, and instead goes into partnership with each other. If the "customer" decides that the "supplier" must be challenged all the time and pressed for a better price, it makes the customer very unattractive and forces the supplier to abandon the customer (it may earn the customer a few dollars/euros in the short run, but will be detrimental in the long run).