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Started... But How To End It?

The OpenERP was started, mostly financed by Roland Buresund, but the question now remains what responsibilities other people want to take?

Future changes and why have a bad attitude?

Submitted by Roland Buresund on Tue, 2005-03-15 18:46.

I am getting a bit disappointed on the Drupal community. Not really the community, but the so-called leadership, that seems to enjoy calling newbies idiots, because they dare ask questions in the forums and to excel at telling the users that they are not entitled to have an opinion, as they don't really care what they think. What makes it a bit more sad, is that when people protest against stuff like that, their opinions are then deleted! Granted, it may be off-topic, but then the so-called leadership shouldn't be trolling in the first place.

How to Write Reviews

I'm trying to logically define what is necessary to write a good book review. This is my candidate opinion at present.

MBA and the Alpha Personlity

It just hit me while I was reading the latest number of AMBA's magazine. The difference betwen a student of a BSc or MSc in Management/Finance/Economics/etc. and an MBA student is that the vast majority of the MBA students are Alpha Personality Types (goal-orientated, dedicated, confident, a tendency to want to participate and solve problems, rather than shy away from them, a take charge attitude) which can in fact be seen as nearly a pre-requisite for MBA studies.