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Lets Recycle Old Entries

This is my progression of knowledge of different computer languages (not counting the myriad of macro-languages that you are forced to learn while using different applications). The Computer Languages that I consider myself proficient in, in roughly the order that I learnt them:

My First Entry in CoreBlog2


Books and Knowledge

An aquintance asked me if I knew everything that is inside the books that I have reviewed?

Explanation of the Book Review System

This is based on and borrowed from Slashdot Book Review Guidelines, which utilise a similar 10 star rating system. If it works for Slashdot, it probably works for me ;-).

The roles of different parts of the organization

This grew out of my thinking about the proper place for Security and IT in organisations and my disatisfaction with the current fad of outsourcing, that didn't seem to have any logic to it.