Bengt Karlöf

Updated at: June 16, 2019, 12:16 p.m.

Bengt Karlöf is a prominent personality in the field of strategy development in Scandinavia. He works mainly as a consultant, lecturer and writer on business development, strategy, benchlearning etc.

Bengt is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics (B.Sc.) and has a background as an executive in several companies in different industries, primarily steel, construction and publishing. Through directorships and the company, which he himself founded, Bengt has also been active in smaller companies.

Bengt has been a consultant since 1980. He has approached the subject of strategy with the experience and viewpoint of the practitioner rather than taking the traditional academic approach. His ambition is to help management with fact-based advice and analogies with similar situation. This applies to both commercial companies and public organisations.

Bengt has published many books throughout his carrier within the field of management and business. He bridges the gap between academic literature and actual business practice. In doing so he has recently published five books that have been well received in parts of the world, namely:


These books have been translated into a large number of languages, including exotic ones like Chinese and Russian. Bengt frequently lectures to audiences drawn from the business world, public administration and academia.

Benchlearning® is a registered trade name in large parts of the world (including all of Europe). It stands for a developed methodology that combines business improvement with organisational learning. Benchlearning constitutes an improvement over and beyond traditional benchmarking.

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